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Endurance Test

How long can you watch Tim Kirby doing an interview with this Euro-fascist without rage quitting?

I made it to about 11:30. What did it for me is when he talked about how his opinions in America were comparable to those of a raving homeless guy, but then suddenly he moved to Russia and they were all right and he “fit in.” That reminded me of this¬†exchange from an episode of ¬†The Simpsons:

Lisa: Dad, here’s a thought. If you just gave Mom credit, maybe she could help you.

Homer: Sweetie, you don’t understand. If I can do this myself, then all those lies I told will be true. Don’t you want Daddy’s lies to be true?

I shouldn’t have to tell my readers that the most important thing is whether or not one’s beliefs are true, not whether they happen to be accepted in a particular geographical area. If you have strong views in favor of female genital mutilation, you’re unlikely to get invited to many social occasions in the US or most industrialized countries. In Somalia or Sudan, you’d fit in quite nicely. Horrible ideas don’t stop being horrible just because a lot of people agree with them.

Also I’m not going to get into it here, but let me just say I think Kirby overestimates the extent to which he “fits in” here. We Americans tend to forget that fitting in isn’t simply a matter of your own tastes and feelings, but also the feelings of the group into which you are supposed to assimilate. I suppose that’s a topic for another article though.

I invite all readers to watch that video and post your times to see who can stand it the longest.