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The Russia Without BS media empire

Today I unveil the pilot episode of the Russian Tuesday podcast. This episode’s co-host is long-time American colleague “Stephen with a P,” who discusses topics such as bias, stereotypes, living as a foreigner in Russia, slacktivism, and horrible alcoholic beverages.

Russian Tuesday is more or less unscripted. There were some obvious problems with the audio on my end, but since recording and editing the episode I’ve managed to isolate electronic interference as the most likely culprit, and I’ve obtained good results since then just by unplugging my laptop when recording. I expect this should make the next episode’s discussion much clearer than this one.

Without further ado, here is the Youtube link. The “about” section contains a link to a very reliable Youtube to MP3 converter if you wish to download the episode. ¬†Also feel free to suggest ¬†topics or questions for future podcasts in the comments to this blog post.