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Making vatniks look good

I’m happy to announce that my debut article for Russia! magazine, on the topic of vatnost, has been republished. Unfortunately I’m too swamped to make a proper update today, but I did read a few articles on We Hunted the Mammoth and I wanted to say a couple words about them.

We Hunted the Mammoth is dedicated to monitoring and lampooning the so-called “Men’s Rights” or “Red Pill” movement. More specifically, it often focuses on the more extreme, far more disturbing movement known as “MGTOW” or “Men Going Their Own Way.” Luckily this bullshit hasn’t really caught on in Russia in spite of the already-existing baseline of misogyny in Russian society which is sadly common in many countries. That being said, there is a connecting thread, as the Red Pillers and MGTOW types are often closely connected to the Loser Carousel and sexpat/mail order bride culture.

What I can say about these people is this- Holy…fucking…shit. These “people” are literally among the worst you will ever encounter. They rate somewhere on par with pedophilia advocates. We’re talking about people who can apparently learn about a young woman being brutally murdered and then speculate as to how it was probably her fault. One thing is for sure, it’s always feminism’s fault in every case, no matter how horribly the male in the story was acting.

For any of you guys out there who might encounter these creeps, do not for a second be fooled by their talk of “masculinity” and standing up for the rights of men and boys. These cultists are backbiters who relentlessly attack any man who refuses to join them in their pity party, constantly whining about how terribly women treat them. And the projection! These dudes project so much they ought to open a goddamn IMAX theater.

These people make vatniks look virtuous by comparison. I mean vatniks wish for nuclear war (seemingly unaware that it will kill them too), but wishing death in a nuclear holocaust is a bit different than fantasizing about brutally beating, raping, and/or dismembering women, which seems to be a pretty typical topic for these jerkoffs.

There’s something tragically ironic about “men” complaining about other men today, when if anything, they are examples of the problem with men these days. Baby boomers raised a generation of insanely entitled dickheads and now we’ve got to live with it. Yeah, keep on bashing millennials you self-absorbed post-WWII cocksocks- thanks for ruining the economy and unleashing your special wittle snowfwake crotchfruit on the rest of society.

If any of these types are reading this, before calling me a “mangina,” or “white knight,” your standard go-to insults for any man who is not ridiculous insecure about his masculinity and thus unwilling to join in your little cry-about-women cult, please understand this- Do NOT come to Russia. Tell all your loser friends too. You’re not going to find your sex robot here (yes, apparently some of them actually dream about creating a perfect sex robot). All the things in America you think you’re escaping from will find you in Russia tenfold. You will still be a loser, only a loser with far less money and living in shit weather. Please, stay home. Seal yourself inside your computer room by bricking up the doorway. Those evil women will never get you in there.


The wrong niche?

Thanks to someone posting this take-down of some whiny men’s rights advocate(MRA) on Reddit, the views for this blog reached over 600 in one day. That’s more than the other time someone cross-posted an entry on this blog to Reddit, and that got far more views than the time I was published in The Moscow Times. Now I’m beginning to wonder if I’m writing about the wrong topic.

I’ve often marveled at how little Westerners or English-speakers seem to care about Russia in spite of the near-constant flow of headlines and top stories involving the country in the news. Not even ridiculous, sensationalist headlines about World War III are enough to spur people into flooding my inbox with messages looking for behind the lines information.  Russians hate hearing this, but nobody cares.

In light of the recent traffic spike, I’m seriously wondering if I should change the focus of this blog to self-entitled American neckbeards. If by writing about them I may secure a consistent flow of high traffic, I could finally collect some ad revenue from this blog. Those neckbeards would be my gold mine. A greasy, Dorito-crumb-filled gold mine!