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I’m so glad I finally joined Twitter. Had I not done so, I wouldn’t have been made aware of the Greatest Article of 2014. Credit goes to Mark Adomanis for finding this gem. This is like a late Christmas present.

Prepare yourself. Sit up straight with both feet planted firmly on a flat, sturdy surface. Use the mouse to scroll while bracing yourself with the other hand firmly on an armrest, table, or otherwise solid object. What you are about to experience is one of the edgiest, red pill-est, most subversive articles ever written. This is the kind of shit that will bring the system crashing down, man. Just a few paragraphs in I was wondering how this guy managed to avoid being taken out by an NSA-controlled Reaper drone. Strap yourself in. We’re about to take a Mountain Dew-fueled rocket down the rabbit hole, through the looking glass, and various other Alice in Wonderland references! That last sentence doesn’t make sense, you say? Sure, if you believe what the government teaches you!

First of all, this article is written by Tyler Durden. Perhaps you didn’t note the significance of that. Tyler fuckin’ Durden.  Tyler Durden. 

Tyler Durden

Yes, that’s right, the wisdom-spouting, totally liberated soul which represents the ideal self in the fantasy of a disillusioned, dejected, alienated white collar worker in a film that was released in 1999 to the rejoicing of many an angsty teenage boy.  Tyler Durden was that mythical hero that reminded us that we are not our jobs, not our cars, not our houses or our “fuckin’ khakis.”  We are not our fucking lawns, not our bank accounts, not our Playstations, not our Starbucks Pumpkin Spice lattes, not our boxed sets of The Simpsons seasons 5-8. No, you corporate fat cats, we are men! Masculine, men!  That is the message of Tyler Durden, that mischievous spirit, that impish boy who lives inside the mind of every adult male who has been beaten by the system into conformity. Tyler Durden wants us to unleash the power of our raw masculinity and reject this consumerist, conformist system. Sorry ladies, Tyler Durden is for men only. You don’t have a Tyler Durden inside your mind.

Getting back to the most awesome article of 2014the author Tyler Durden informs us that Putin has an “ace up his sleeve,” which he can play against the West. What that is, we don’t know, but trust us, he’s got one. Hopefully Vladimir Putin will read this article and contact Mr. Durden to find out what his ace is. But enough of my pathetic rambling, let us read the edgy, iconoclastic words of Tyler Durden.

The entire world is watching Putin play poker with the Western politicians lead by Obama and followed by Washington quislings in London, Brussels and Berlin.

After 16 December it looks more like Putin played a game of “52-pickup.”  Of course who am I to question the wisdom of Tyler Durden? I wouldn’t know the difference between Texas Hold ’em and Magic: The Gathering when it comes to geopolitical card games. I’m also surprised to find out that Brussels and Berlin are “quislings” of Washington. One would think that if America were trying to dominate the world, Belgium and Germany wouldn’t be such major economic competitors for America. One would expect them to resemble neo-liberal banana republics instead of having strong welfare systems and political structures that differ radically from that of the USA. For some unknown reason, the US wants to flat out destroy Russia, but it does nothing to a country which is a major economic competitor and which is already partially occupied by large American military forces. Oh well. I’m not Tyler Durden.

America’s goal since the end of the Cold War has been to weaken by financial, economic and, if necessary, military means any real competition to its global financial and resource domination through the petrodollar and dollar world reserve currency status.

Odd. Japan and Germany are both such competitors. Since the fall of the USSR, Russia hasn’t been an economic or military competitor with the US. Does Tyler Durden know about China? Also who’s still afraid of the petrodollar? It’s bound to be replaced by petro-ruble any day now, according to RT’s Max Kaiser.

The current trade and economic sanctions against Russia and Iran follow this time-tested action that is never successful on its own, as we know from the 50-plus-year blockade of Cuba.

First of all, the sanctions against Russia are nothing like the sanctions against Cuba in any way. Cuba suffered not only a blockade, but years of armed terrorism and sabotage, all because it defied the US. In fact Castro did not initially lean towards the USSR; the US pushed him in that direction with its reaction to the revolution. Cuba did not annex part of another nation.  Most of the sanctions against Russia target individuals and banks; if anyone made a move that has had a noticeable effect on ordinary Russians, it was Putin with his food imports ban. Cuba’s experience was far more severe.

But this strategy can lead to opposition nations retaliating by military means, often their only alternative to end blockades etc., which are an act of war and allow the US and other democracies to bring their ultimate superior military power to bare against the offending sovereign state. This worked for Lincoln against the Confederate States of America, by Woodrow Wilson against the Central Powers before World War One, against the Japanese Empire before World War Two, Iraq, Libya – the list is endless.

Ah yes, damn America for its oppression of the Confederate States of America, the Central Powers, and the poor Japanese Empire! Their only crime was resisting American tyranny and trying to promote sound money and Ron Paul!

Recently the US has created the oil price collapse, working closely with its client state Saudi Arabia, in order to weaken the economic power of both Iran and Russia, the two main nations opposing US hegemony, foreign policy and petrodollar policy. Yes, this will play havoc with the US shale oil industry as well as London’s North Sea oil industry but oil profits pale in comparison to the importance of maintaining Western power over Russia and China.

Citation needed? Oh wait, this is Tyler Durden. Since he is merely a figment of the imagination, he can be anywhere. He must have overheard the backroom deal where the US and Saudi Arabia decided to go to war with Russia. It has nothing to do with something like 8 different US presidents promising to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil or anything like that. Tyler Durden wants us to have more expensive oil. I’m not sure what we’re supposed to use it for, though, since we’re supposed to reject all the consumer crap that requires oil.

I hope Putin realizes the US is not playing games here, as this is a financial and strategic game to the death for Washington and it’s Western allies that have foolishly followed the Goldman Sachs/central banking cartel’s deadly sovereign debt recipe and for growth and prosperity. The time is up; the debts can never be repaid and sooner or later must be repudiated one way or the other.

Tyler doesn’t seem to understand the difference between personal debt, and sovereign debt, just as he seems to think that Goldman Sachs is behind central banking. Go easy on him though, he is merely an imaginary reflection of one alienated man’s ideal self.

China is waiting in the wings as the new world economic power and while it is too big to challenge, US strategy is to take out its top two allies, Iran and Russia, to buy time for Wall Street and Washington. 

Oh goodie, some grand chess game bullshit. China already is the world’s largest economy. The thing is, however, that China’s success benefits the US. It’s not exactly a secret that major American industries have been chasing Chinese consumers’ money for years now, most notably Hollywood. The relationship between China and the US is mutually beneficial, at least from an economic point of view. This actually protects China from any significant US hostility.

The strategy might be a competitive economic course of action but the risk of military consequences and even a third world war loom on the horizon and no country has ever defeated Russia in a land attack. This is risky brinkmanship just to protect our banking and Wall Street elites and their profits at the expense of the American people, I might add, but the US has done this before.

Ah yes, no country has ever defeated Russia in a land attack. Well, if you don’t count Napoleon at Austerlitz. He only lost because he made an ill-planned attack on the Russian capital. Then there’s the Crimean War, which is considered a Russian loss. Then there’s the Russo-Japanese War. The First World War would also best be counted as a loss. The first Chechen War was a loss and the “victory” in the second Chechen War is highly debatable. But I guess if you ignore all that, no country has ever defeated Russia in a land attack.

Is This Just a Repeat of the Versailles Treaty, Russian-style?

This has all happened before. It’s the same old game with different players.

Uh yeah…It’s the same game as before, because in 2014 a major World War has just ended, and now Russia is about to sign a humiliating treaty. This has happened before!

If you look closely at real history rather than the establishment-directed propaganda dished out to the public, you’ll realize that the Western financial elites and central banking cartel seldom change tactics. Why should they? Their financial empires continue to grow during all major wars and financial crises and if they should guess wrong, then they get taxpayers to bail them out.

“Real history” is something you can major in at Youtube University. By the way, I hope you’re keeping track of how many times this guy refers to “financial elites,” bankers, etc.

The Goldman Sachs, Rothschild and Soros types control the Western democracies as well as the financial markets and use paid or blackmailed cheerleaders and front men to advance their best interests to the populace as acceptable economic or political policies.

Goldman Sachs…Rothschild…Soros. Banking elites, financial elites… This all sounds vaguely familiar.  Nah…I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that he points out those names. They must be the only people at the top of the capitalist hierarchy.

For example, Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points statement given on January 8, 1918, claiming the war and US intervention was a moral cause to advance peace in Europe after World War One, was one of the leading reasons the Germans sued for peace.

Actually the German Revolution and the deprivations that led to it are what drove the Germans to sue for peace. That and their two main allies had already done so, leaving them virtually alone. Oh wait, maybe that’s not “real history.”

The entire Austrian-Hungarian empire was totally destroyed except for the small area of present Austria and Germany, which was stripped of much of its territory and subjected to a vengeful, unpayable war debt comparable to America’s current national debt today. Sadly, the treaty created the public anger and economic chaos that eventually brought Hitler to power and set the stage for the Second World War.

The Austro-Hungarian empire broke up largely because nationalist movements increased in power as the country strained under the deprivations of war, something it was ill-prepared for in the first place. Anyone who knows anything about Austria-Hungary knows the maxim about how remarkable it was that it lasted so long. The empire was basically broken up prior to the Versailles conference anyway, but again, that’s probably not “real history.” It’s also worth noting that it was the European powers who were most interested in punishing Germany.

First, the US cable pundits are suggesting that Putin might retaliate by invading Ukraine. Why would Russia want Ukraine? Except for substantial agricultural resources that can be purchased on the open market, this is a bankrupt country with a long list of failed governments. The country has become a pawn in the battle between East and West, and its people have already suffered so much. Now Russia might move in the East to protect Russian-speaking areas and could be willing to suffer the additional economic consequences of creating a land bridge to Crimea but the military option appears quite limited and counter-productive at best.

Why would Russia want Ukraine, you ask? The kind of “patriot” Putin’s government cultivates positively orgasms at the thought of ruling over people, especially former Soviet republics. These people are seen as traitors who rocked the boat, who bit the hand that fed them. In this empire of cynicism, Russians don’t like the idea of former Soviet populations clawing their way to a better future. If Russians are miserable and dominated, others should be too. By Russia dominating Ukraine, the utterly dominated Russian feels slightly better because there is someone to look down on. This of course, calls to mind analogies of segregation and apartheid. The poorest white could always consider himself to be superior to the most accomplished black man, and therefore he supported the system that afforded him that privilege.

To be sure, yes, Russia conquering Ukraine is irrational, but we’re not dealing with rational people. For fifteen years Putin and his cronies robbed the Russian people, always promising to diversify and modernize the economy and state. Then came the morning that the project was due, and they had nothing. Maidan exposed this, so the only thing they could think of was to seize the Crimea. What would happen next simply didn’t factor in.  Personally I don’t think Putin will risk another military intervention for any reason, but I’ve been forced to admit that I was wrong about him being rational. If enough of his pseudo-intellectual “experts” are telling him he can get away with it, he might actually try it.

No nation will win a shooting war between the US, UK and EU versus Russia and China. The consequences are too horrible to be contemplated but Russia has an ace in the hole that can win the financial and economic battle going on today.

Oh really? Do tell us what that is, Mr. Durden!  Or is that something you don’t talk about, like Fight Club?

First, Russia should join with China in a new gold, oil and natural resource backed monetary union as an alternative to the failed debt democracy model pushed by Wall Street, the central bank cartel and self-serving politicians in the West. It simply does not work in the long term to finance prosperity and improved standards of living through mountains of debt placed on future generations.

And China would want to do this…Why? China is happily reaching out to Russia, but as Adomanis puts it, it isn’t running a charity. I’ve written several times about the conditions China is imposing on Russia in these deals they’ve been signing, and according to those parameters China is definitely dominant in the relationship.

I also really love how he says the Western system doesn’t work, while it clearly is working quite well in comparison to Russia’s “resource backed” system. Please, Mr. Durden, call us when the US dollar is actually tanking the way the ruble did on 16 December. Call us when the US starts looking like Russia. It’s one thing to say that the system is highly flawed, exploitative, immoral, or whatever, but to say it doesn’t work in comparison to corrupt, authoritarian state which cannot produce a suitable leader in 25 years? No. Just, no.

Washington has destroyed every tax haven and bit of personal and financial privacy in the world because of its desperate need for revenue. Every financial haven has caved, including Switzerland, because they cannot hope to prevail against the US, UK and EU.

Hmmm…That’s funny, aren’t offshore tax havens one of the concrete ways those “financial elites” and corporate fat cats dominate our system? After all, it’s not your average retail employee whose squirreling money away on the Isle of Man or Belize.

The US intends to make Russia a pariah state and cut it off from trade, funds transfer, banking and Western credit markets. It will not relent until Putin is overthrown and Russia is compliant with and a supporter of the New World Order.

In Fight Club, Tyler knew everything the narrator knew. I guess I can’t be the narrator because this Tyler doesn’t seem to be aware that for years, Russia’s ruling elite kept their money in the banks of the New World Order Rothschild Jewish Financial Elite Banking Cartel.

Second, Russia should act offensively rather than defensively on the financial front by creating corporate tax-free/low income tax zones and welcoming corporations, successful individuals and entrepreneurs to take up residence and create jobs and prosperity. The Hong Kong model does work to create industry, service industry and free-market prosperity and to win, Russia needs far more than a resource-based economy.

This is hilarious. Did this guy just find out about a country called Russia earlier this year? Also, doesn’t welcoming corporations essentially mean welcoming the corporate-dominated hegemony? Or are they supposed to welcome all corporations except banks? Welcome “successful individuals” and entrepreneurs? Has this guy not done so much as half an hour’s research on what doing business in Russia is like? This is a state where your visa can be canceled and your assets seized at the drop of a hat, assuming you paid all the necessary bribes to get your business up and running in the first place. Does that sound like a sound investment climate?

The Hong Kong model does work to create industry, service industry and free-market prosperity and to win, Russia needs far more than a resource-based economy.

Really? No shit. People have been telling the Russian government to do that for years. Problem is, you do that, and what you get is a bourgeois class that isn’t necessarily beholden to Putin. This isn’t want he and his close friends want.

Russia needs more population and a larger middle class and should offer residency and citizenship opportunities to productive and successful workers, entrepreneurial businesses and corporations etc. with the right of reasonable financial and corporate privacy along with the low tax benefits.

Clearly Tyler took too many shots to the head at Fight Club. Russia got a larger middle class in the mid-2000’s. As they got a taste of the good life, they started demanding more, becoming tired of the glass ceiling that reserves the best positions in life for friends of the elite. They started protesting and the government came to view them with suspicion. Today they are looked at as “the fifth column,” the pawns who will accomplish that revolution the United States is supposedly cooking up. And his advice for Putin is to build up Russia’s middle class? Clearly he’s new here.  He might as well recommend that Putin seize the moon and build a colony there.

Canada, the wonderful country I live and work in today, offers permanent residency benefits and citizenship to hundreds of thousands of foreigners wanting to work and immigrate to Canada together with low corporate tax benefits.

He lives in Canada? Isn’t that a “socialist” dystopia run by the American NWO banking cartel?

Russia can and should do the same, although the market will require bargain prices as Russia does not have the long history of rule of law, security and peace like Canada does.

No shit. Tyler clearly doesn’t understand how things work around here. Rule of law means that Putin and his friends can’t run the country like their private estate, a la Mobutu Sese Seku. Also I’m surprised this guy wants Russia to be like Canada, which I’m sure he considers a socialist hellhole in all his other rants.

Russia should look at good climate areas like Crimea and other areas around the Black Sea and maybe Kaliningrad in the north directly in the middle of the EU.

Yes I’m sure they’ll get right on that. The Russian government is known for taking advice from people using the name “Tyler Durden.”

Competititon, free markets, minimal regulation and low taxes are the 21st century solution to military aggression, over-indebted and resource-hungry empires.

Really? Cite an example.

Putin said it best in his news conference last week.

“They won’t leave [the bear] alone. They will always seek to chain it. And once it’s chained, they’ll rip out its teeth and claws. The nuclear deterrence, speaking in present-day terms. As soon as this happens, nobody will need [the bear] anymore. They’ll stuff it. And start to put their hands on its Taiga [Siberian forest belt] after it. We’ve heard statements from Western officials that Russia’s owning Siberia was not fair.” – Vladimir Putin

Should I be surprised that this guy saw something profound in this nonsensical quote?

Vladimir Putin, now is the time to play your ace in the hole.

Yes, whatever the hell it is. Play it!

Russia can win the financial and economic war being waged against it but not by playing the same old game of poker where cheating prevails. Show the world that Russia is worthy of 21st century leadership in a peaceful and competitive manner by using the debt, currency and banking weaknesses of the West to defeat an opponent out to chain Russia as it has the rest of the world into surrender and serfdom.

I can’t help but notice that he doesn’t exactly say what using “debt, currency, and banking weakness” actually entails. Also why does he think Russia is not “chained” in serfdom? He lives in Canada. Is he not experiencing serfdom? Canada is far more regulatory than the US, and it has a much stronger welfare state.

If you are as concerned as I am about where the world is headed, consider securing a second home internationally in the right location as a means to protect you and your family. Think of it as lifestyle insurance.

Tyler, any time you get sick of living in Canada, contact me and we’ll do a trade. You turn over a portion of your assets to me. For example, your house, or more likely your parents’ house. In return I will set you up with a job here in Russia and give you all the advice you need to working and living here. I will suffer the consequences of the NWO’s collapse, living in Canada or the US, while you will surely reap the windfall of Russia’s immanent victory. Do we have a deal?

Holy fuck, was that not the most awesome article you’ve ever read? Are you not slashed to ribbons by the pure edginess of it? I feel like I’m committing an act of terrorism just reading through it.  Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to go on Amazon and order three boxes of Guy Fawkes masks.