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David Cameron alleges CIA behind ‘Panama Papers’

PM says CIA fabricated the ‘Panama Papers’ as a propaganda attack aimed at destabilizing the UK

LONDON- British Prime Minister David Cameron lashed out at the US during a press conference on Friday, accusing them of fabricating the so called ‘Panama Papers’ leak in an attempt to discredit him personally and destabilize the United Kingdom.

“There was no corruption involved,” Cameron told reporters. “It’s obvious that this so-called ‘investigation’ wasn’t the work of trained journalists but agents of the CIA and the State Department.”

Although the Prime Minister was not directly named in the leaked documents containing information on the holders of offshore tax shelters, his father Ian Donald Cameron was found to have a tax haven in Panama valued at 25 million pounds. Other high profile figures either named or linked to individuals named in the leaked documents include Iceland PM Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson and even Russian president Vladimir Putin. All told, the Panama Papers allegedly contain information about approximately  140 politicians with connections to hidden offshore tax havens.

Cameron dismissed a correspondent’s comment that the diversity of names in the leak might cast doubt on his assertion that the story was a CIA fabrication aimed specifically at himself. He explained that the US government had “good motives” for conspiring against the UK.

“Surely no one believed that the US, a hegemonic empire, would let us off the hook for burning their White House in the War of 1812,” the PM told reporters. “The United Kingdom was once a great empire. It is still a great power. The Americans are afraid of a multipolar world and they don’t like our independent foreign policy. No, this information attack was aimed directly at us, and me personally.”

When asked by another correspondent as to what evidence the British government had to substantiate his claims, Cameron mentioned Wikileaks and then trailed off.

The PM also that even if the allegations were true, “it wouldn’t matter because people in every country do the same thing,” adding that “Many other countries have far more corruption than Britain- look at Russia, for example.”

Cameron then said that he would no longer answer any more questions about the leak or “that pig thing.”

Public reaction to the revelations in Britain has been modest thus far. State-funded media such as the BBC has mostly avoided any coverage of the story and has instead focused on issues abroad, such as the ongoing war against ISIS (banned in the UK) in Syria and Iraq. US officials have yet to comment on the PM’s allegations.

The Panama Papers refers to a cache of leaked records from the Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca. The story was first published on Sunday after a year-long investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. In the week leading up to the story’s release, British PM David Cameron’s press secretary had publicly stated that the US “American English” media was preparing an “information attack” aimed at discrediting the British leader, and he also accused non-British journalists of having both “Anglophobia” and “Cameronophobia.”

UPDATE/CORRECTION- It has come to our attention that none of this happened, and that we have somehow managed to mix up the UK for Russia, and David Cameron for Russian president Vladimir Putin. We apologize to our readers for the mistake. We also recommend that our readers try DMT, but not during work hours.