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Speaking of Armchair Experts

This guy’s in a goddamned La-z-Boy recliner. ¬†As a general rule these people tend to take Russia’s side, but here we’ve got a Swedish dude who decided to go all in on Maidan and the Ukrainian government for some unknown reason. I say unknown because it turns out he’s never been to Ukraine and apparently everything he knows about what’s going on comes from English-speaking sources on the internet as he admittedly has no understanding of Ukrainian or Russian either.

Of course none of this stops him from labeling people “false-flag” propagandists of the Kremlin. Which people, do you ask? If you look at the first name on the list, old Graham Cracker himself, it almost seems like he’s competent. Graham Phillips is pretty much openly a pro-Kremlin propagandist. After all he’s grateful to Putin and Yanukovych for maintaining the 90’s mentality and conditions which have provided him with such a wide selection of possibly trafficked prostitutes. Keep reading, however, and you see something is seriously wrong.

Yes, that’s it. Keep reading. There you will see the names of people who are routinely attacked and trolled by pro-Kremlin yahoos accusing them of waging an information war on behalf of the West. And yet this Swede is accusing them of being propagandists for Putin. To build his case he uses “evidence” in the form of tweets and excerpts from their writing where they acknowledge things such as Ukrainian government complicity in the humanitarian situation, shelling of civilian areas by the Ukrainian military, and apparently meeting separatist leaders without immediately attempting to rip out their throats with their teeth in a heroic attempt to end the rebellion once and for all.

Look, I hate to ruin anyone’s day, but it is a fact that the Ukrainian military has been complicit in shelling civilian areas. The OSCE puts reports up on its website nearly every way. While they don’t point fingers, usually you can tell who most likely fired on who using a map and the OSCE analyses of the projectiles’ trajectory. Moreover, the Ukrainian government¬†has been criticized for indiscriminate shelling of civilian-populated areas. Like the Russian government, some people want to trust Human Rights Watch and the OSCE only when they support their side and dismiss them when they don’t. And while there may be no moral equivalence in this conflict, I see Ukraine’s government as only having a slight edge in this respect.

Once again the lesson here is that the internet cannot make you an expert in things. By all means, read all the sources you like, but unless you put in serious work and leave your house, your criticism or opinion doesn’t really count for much against someone on the ground.