A Serious Message

Folks, a while back I decided to overhaul this blog and leave it as a sort of archive consisting mainly of my satirical and humorous posts. I honestly can’t remember if I ever gave a detailed explanation of why, in late 2019, I decided to stop writing serious analysis, or perhaps more puzzling for some, why I started a Youtube channel about video games and movies.

I don’t intend to write that detailed explanation here, not now at least. Like all of you, I have been demoralized by the pandemic and the lockdown, but on top of that, all I can say is that I am really, truly, deeply- tired. There are many reasons for that tiredness, and I’m sure you can guess just by looking at your Twitter feed (being off Twitter has been a morale boost).

If you want to see one concrete reason why I am so utterly exhausted, I submit to you a post I made on the RWOBS Facebook page earlier today (do like, share, all that please). It was a hastily-written response to a piece published by Carnegie Centre Moscow, which is still a highly-respected think tank despite past accusations of pro-Kremlin bias. When you read that article, and my response in the Facebook post below, you will understand why such allegations of pro-Kremlin apologia appear to have merit.

The article is so filled with weasel-words and both-sidesism, it almost reads like a parody article written in character on this blog.

I will not deny that part of my wish to retreat from this whole field stems from the understanding that despite all my hands-on experience, despite my work in the field, my lack of connections and academic credentials ensure that I will never be a part of the think tank experts’ world. But when I see things like this Carnegie article, I am reminded why that is in fact a blessing.

Anyway, the piece is in the embedded Facebook post below. As it was an FB post I do apologize in advance for any typos. The analysis I was critiquing was so piss poor that at one point I realized I had actually missed a certain sentence containing such disinformation that it was necessary to dedicate a paragraph just to that. That’s how bad this is.

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