Just What the Hell I’m Doing

My triumphant return to posting may seem like a dead cat bounce, but at the moment I have other priorities- some of which include working on articles for money, because after all, I need money. But there is another project I’m trying to launch which will be even more important. Can’t share the details now, but it involves providing help for Ukraine (BIG SURPRISE!) Help to defend against imperialist aggression as well as help to defend and advance progressive values in that country. After all, Ukraine cannot be truly free if it is reduced to smaller version of Russia with the same mentality painted blue and yellow.

Unfortunately getting this project off the ground will be slow going because it involves the world of fundraising and running an NGO. The former I haven’t been so successful at and the latter I have zero experience with. If you do, by all means leave a comment. I could really use the advice right now.

On the up side, I’ve got offers to do guest appearances on some regular podcasts so that front is finally sorted.

So stay tuned.



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