Oh the Places You’ll Go…to Die!

Recently Russia lost a high-ranking general in Syria. Lt. General Valery Asapov (nope, not Valery Gerasimov in disguise) was killed along with two colonels in a mortar attack near the town of Deir-ez-Zor. Apart from the high rank of the deceased, this wouldn’t be particularly remarkable were it not for the fact that Asapov commanded the “1st Army Corps” of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic in a conflict that Russia calls a “civil war” and swears it has no part in.

Isn’t it amazing how despite being a “civil war” and an “internal matter” of Ukraine, so many Russian military personnel have taken part with zero reprimand from the Russian government? Here we have a general who decided to go on vacation to fight in a conflict for a “country” his government does not recognize, and then he returned to the Russian army with zero consequences (possibly with a promotion) and got deployed to Syria.

Given Russia’s constant denials (against overwhelming evidence to the contrary) of any significant involvement in this “civil war,” you think they’d want to come down hard on all these “volunteers,” especially the military personnel who supposedly “went on leave” to fight for Ukraine. I guarantee you that if US military personnel took leave and then joined the YPG in Syria, or any other military force for that matter, there would be hell to pay. For starters that’s desertion, plain and simple. Yet the only deserters the Kremlin sees happen to be those who left the army because they say they were being pressured to sign contracts and fight in Ukraine. Curioser and curiouser.

2 thoughts on “Oh the Places You’ll Go…to Die!

  1. Lance

    This wonderful man served in Chechnya,received a bad injury, served as a peacekeeper in Abkhazia,served in Syria,served in Russia and served at his own volition in Donbass.

    Beyond parody to compare an American going to Syria…..with a partriotic Russian defending who he , and millions see, as his own people….maybe he has a father-in-law in Donetsk in the same way Klimkin has a proud to be in Russia father-in-law who refuses to return to Ukraine? Maybe Asapov has was brought up in Rostov region and has far more connection to the Donbass that some dimwit in Ivano-Frankivsk has.

    80-90% of DNR/LNR fighters are local…your ” argument” immediately stops from there. If they want an experienced Russian officer to command them…then good for them….they’ve have received plenty of defectors from the Kiev controlled side anyway. Compare it to the foreign involvement and management of the Kiev regime by Americans,Gruzians,Lithuanians et al.

    ” So many” …actually proof is that there is so little “proof” of Russian state involvement.

    Now all echo-chambers refuse to allow their BS to be easily refuted as this,so it probably wont be allowed up of this manic (fact-free and useless on Russian culture,identify,politics and so on) hateblog…but facts are facts.

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      Okay this is hilarious load of gibberish that just rehashes old Russian talking points that in no way reflect reality. Enjoy your ban, moron.

      Hopefully the neocons in the USA never decide that it’s okay to invade another country because you see their people as “your own people.”

      In any case, I greet Asapov’s death with great joy, and hope for the death of more Russian officers.


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