It’s Finally Happening!

So I’ve got a new, professional microphone, and that means I can make more videos and, hopefully, a podcast. For my first installment I asked for some topic suggestions for a video under five minutes. Enjoy. There will be more where this came from.


1 thought on “It’s Finally Happening!

  1. Robert Marchenoir

    Very true. “We need to talk with the Russians.” Well, we talk with them all day long. There’s no shortage of “talk” with the Russians. However, it takes two to tango, as Lavrov said disingenuously, parroting one of his counterparts.

    Putin-lovers never say what it is exactly they expect from Russia. That’s because they don’t have a clue. We should be friendly to them, therefore they would be friendly to us. Of course…

    On the red herring of cooperating on counter-terrorism, just ask the American spooks what they think about the last time when both countries intelligence agencies actually cooperated. The Russians had the cheek to use the opportunity to try and recruit some of the CIA guys as double agents.


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