Happy Ukrainian Independence Day!

Today Ukraine celebrates 26 years of independence.  Since 2014, it has been fighting to maintain it. If Ukraine is to achieve victory and secure its independence and rightful place in the world, it must endure the most difficult struggle. A struggle not only against the foreign invader and occupier but also against the internal enemies- the collaborators, the corrupt, the hypocritical and false “patriots” as well as the false friends from abroad who only see Ukraine as a potential business opportunity.

I wish victory in that struggle to those in Ukraine who look forward to the future, that they may outnumber and overpower those who wish to take the country back to the dark past.

May Ukraine achieve true freedom and independence! May it remain ever multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, and democratic. May it rediscover its revolutionary, progressive roots and resurrect the dream of Mykhailo Hrushevsky, who once said “…future generations of peasants will have the great mission of representing to the world the Ukrainian People’s Republic, Greater Ukraine, so far the only state of the working people, which must serve as an example for other democracies, which will in turn one day send their children to us — to study, to live, to work, and to lead the state with the participation of working people.”


3 thoughts on “Happy Ukrainian Independence Day!

  1. mariinskyrose

    Jim judging from some of your prior posts, you have been disappointed with your time in Ukraine. Are you going to stay? Or return to Russia? Would be interested to know your thoughts on Defense Sec. Mattis and Sen. John McCain hinting that the US may arm Ukraine with “defensive” weapons.

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      I am disappointed only with certain people, who could reasonably be called traitors given the situation Ukraine is in right now. But this was just a matter of endemic corruption which everyone is well aware of- it just sometimes pops up in unexpected places and in unexpected ways.

      I’m going to be heading back to the States for a while to earn some money and up my qualifications in various fields. I’ll still be writing, just in a different time zone. After about a year or so I plan to return to Ukraine, but right now I’m rather flexible.

      As for the whole arm Ukraine thing, I’m all for it but I’m sick of hearing the US constantly dither about it. Mattis said something like “the US would consider the possibility.” To him I’d say get back to me when you’ve decided whether or not to do it.


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