Fake News!

If you read the intro to this site, you’ll see it mentions how I often use humor and satire. Typically, the latter involves writing Onion-style articles which I deliberately make as absurd as possible so people will hopefully recognize them as satire. Alas, sometimes that doesn’t happen.

A couple days ago I posted a satirical article about Russia unveiling a monument to Ukrainian nationalist leader Roman Shukhevych in Moscow as a retaliation against Poland’s destruction of Soviet WWII monuments. I thought the idea of Russia erecting such a monument would be sufficiently absurd as to mark the article as satire, but turns out I was wrong. As it happens, some people mistook it for a real story, especially after it was accidentally reposted on StopFake with no disclaimer that it was satire. I won’t name which country I’m talking about, but I will only say that it borders Lithuania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, the Czech Republic, and Germany, and it has a bi-color flag.

Just for the record, Russia did not erect a 10 meter tall statue of Roman Shukhevych.*

In the future I’ll put the satire disclaimers on such articles, but as a rule of thumb if you see something on this site which is written as a news article- that’s satirical. I’m not Paul Goble, who for some reason inexplicably puts locators (the same locator every time) in his blog posts. If anyone wants to see all of my satirical posts, there’s a category for that on the right-hand side.

Thanks and I apologize for the mix-up, Po- er…uh…unnamed Slavic country.



*The monument is actually 15 meters tall.


8 thoughts on “Fake News!

  1. AndyT

    That’s strange, indeed – whenever a piece of news looks weird, why can’t one just check if other media outlets confirm it? Google is your friend…

      1. Jim Kovpak Post author

        Perhaps it doesn’t, because it was in the context section and they most likely knew it was satire, they just didn’t put a disclaimer on it.

  2. JoshC

    That piece you wrote was hilarious, I was cracking up. Some of your best work is satire. I also think your one of few other people willing to actually take on this whole Bandera/Shukhevych nonsense. As for people thinking your piece was real, all I can say is I agree with Andy – there’s this little tool called Google that helps us check these things!

    1. Jerzy

      Is this blog an echo chamber? What exactly did you find remotely “hilarious” about the piece. Also, blogs struggle to survive if they are too cowardly to defend themselves and delete exposing posts

      1. Jim Kovpak Post author

        Your comments are deleted because they are too stupid as to merit serious consideration. When you are able to improve your arguments to the point where they make it over the bar, then they will appear here.

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