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Guest Column: #TrumpRussia – Doing the Math

Today’s post is by Rick Chaplet, Twitter personality, motivational speaker, life coach, and management consultant. Enjoy

True patriots, the time has come to end this charade that currently calls itself #TheResistance. I have been monitoring the investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia ties ever since 2015, and it has become abundantly clear that the very same people who bill themselves as truthseekers and patriots against Russia’s legion of Cyrillic kompromat specialists are themselves nothing but useful idiots of the Chekists. Louise Mensch, Eric “Game Theory” Garland, John Schindler- all dupes of Team Deza.

How do I know? Well it’s quite simple, folks. I’m ahead of the game. While they’re playing checkers, I’m playing Super Mario Land 2: The Six Golden Coins on a Game Boy I bought off eBay. That’s why I’m able to spot the inconsistencies and subtle flaws in their so-called “investigations,” and more importantly I’m able to add it all up in order to see the big picture, which is in fact a mosaic whose tiles are tiny puzzle pieces. Any single piece, i.e. flaw, is meaningless when taken by itself. But woven together they make a Persian rug with an unmistakable design. I’m here to tie those threads together for you now.

I have expertise in such matters, more importantly, I have the key that unlocks the puzzle. You see Garland promised his “game theory” would explain the cat’s cradle-like connections between Trump and Putin, but he left out the map that leads to the treasure at the end of the rainbow- mathematics! And I can assure you, dear truthseeker- that was no accident. He left it out on purpose because his KGB masters in the Lubyanka. They wanted him to lead you astray. Well I’m here to bring you back on the path towards the pot of gold that lies at the end of the rainbow and is full of truth, not gold. Strap yourself in because you’re about to crash through the looking glass like an 80’s action hero as you tumble down a rabid rabbit hole of an investigation fueled solely by Country Time Lemonade and crystal meth.

The code is the in the numbers, people. You focus on the letters, the words, and you miss everything. That’s what Mensch, Garland, Schindler, and the whole Maskirovka Menagerie want you to miss. They spell it out- I add it up. Let’s start with the basics.

First we start with the two main players in the game, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. T-R-U-M-P is five letters, P-U-T-I-N is also five letters. This proves Trump’s collusion with Putin so decisively I could just as well end this investigation right here, but I’m going to do you one better and run everything down for you in lurid detail, because America demands that I do nothing less.

DONALD = Six letters.

VLADIMIR = Eight letters.

No match, right? WRONG! If we render the name Donald in its original Irish Gaelic, we get DONAILDH- the missing letters add up to eight!

So what we have here are two inextricably linked players in the game whose names add up to the same amount of letters. But what happens when we add them together?



5 + 5 = 10

What is the significance of the number ten, in Russian culture? Ten is the traditional number of dolls in the Russian matryoshka or nesting doll. You might be surprised to learn that matryoshkya is in fact an earlier, Old Russian word for maskirovka, which roughly translates as “pee tape blackmail operation.” You might be surprised, but not me, because I study this stuff for a living. I poured my heart and soul into this investigation because I love my country more than I love living with my wife and 8-year-old daughter or even just being within 200 yards of them. I’m sorry honey, but I told you and Ashley not to come between me and the republic. You were warned.

Moving on.

Now we must add Vladimir to Irish Donald.



8 + 8 = 16 < Keep this in mind.

Vladimir translates roughly to “ruler of the world” or “ruler of the peace.” It’s pretty clear Putin wants to become the former, and ever since his KGB days in Dresden he has had a plan to compromise a US president because it’s the only way he could ever realize his goal. But it turns out there are some other famous Russians with the first name Vladimir. Ever hear of this obscure guy named VLADIMIR LENIN? It’s fine if you haven’t. I wouldn’t expect you to know him. I do, however. Lenin’s revolution led to the creation of the Soviet Union. Now most people think the Soviet Union consisted of 15 Soviet Socialist Republics. Well guess what- at one time they had something called the Karelo-Finnish Soviet Socialist Republic, giving the Union a total of…remember that figure from earlier? SIXTEEN. But we’ve only scratched the surface. We must go deeper. The only way to get to where we’re going is by going through the planet core.

We already mentioned Lenin, first name VLADIMIR. Who was, up until recently when he became a liability, Trump’s right hand man in the White House? Steve Bannon. Bannon, once called himself a Leninist. I don’t know how he could have made it any clearer. Now let’s take Bannon’s name and crunch the numbers.

BANNON = 6 letters

KGB = 3 letters

GRU = 3 letters

KGB + GRU = 6 letters Q.E.D.

Is it starting to add up now, dear readers? Am I still a “nutjob,” Anne? AM I? WHY WON’T YOU ANSWER MY EMAILS? THE COURT ORDER SAYS NOTHING ABOUT EMAILS?! 

Speaking of emails, let’s go to the money shot of Russia’s 2016 election black op- the hacking of the DNC and the leak of their internal emails.

In order to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s impending victory, the Russians had to not only hack her emails, but also create a massive dezinformatsiya operation to increase the severity. For example, they spread the rumor that the Democrats were running a child sex slavery ring out of a DC restaurant known as Comet Ping Pong Pizza. In reality, there is a child sex slave ring that runs out of the basement of a restaurant, but it’s actually run by the Russian FSB (today’s successor to the KGB, which Putin used to work for) and it’s a Denny’s, not a pizza joint. But I digress. Obviously a restaurant that traffics in child sex slaves would only appeal to one target demographic- pedophiles. There once was a really famous book about a pedophile called Lolita. The author’s first name? VLADIMIR!  Are the scales falling from your eyes yet? Are you starting to see the big picture or are you still floundering about in haze generated by a Chekist smoke machine?

Back to the numbers. EMAIL is five letters. TRUMP = Five letters. PUTIN = Five letters. Add them all up:

5 + 5 + 5 = 15

Fifteen- the number of union republics in the Soviet Union throughout most of its existence. That’s not just a solid thread, it’s a strand of high-tensile piano wire linking Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin so tightly that any denier who might try to ride a motorcycle of doubt underneath would be decapitated by THE TRUTH.

Getting back to the campaign, Russia had another secret ace up its sleeve- racism. You see, America has always been about different ethnic and religious groups getting along in harmony and celebrating freedom together. So much so that just writing that sentence nearly brings a tear to my eye. Oh sure, there’s been some grumbling in the past, but on the whole it has been a long roller coaster ride of liberty and justice for all. The problem is that the Russians, first as the Soviet Union and then as Putin’s Russia AKA USSR 2.0, have always sought to amplify discontent into calls for revolution. The last time such activity peaked was back in the 1960’s, when Team Deza started running psyops on American soil. Luckily a great liberal and a true believer in the national security state named Martin Luther King Jr. stepped up to realize his dream of equality for all. On that day, he defeated racism in America once and for all. That is until 2015, when Putin’s resurgent Russia resurrected racial hatred from the dead like a necromancer or Zeus in the classic Sega side-scroller Altered Beast.

Obviously Russia’s new intel assets in the United States had to be careful about being identified, so they used coded symbols and terminology. The Pepe frog and words like “cuck” (slang for ‘comrade,’ a term of address in the SOVIET UNION) are examples of these tactics. Again- do the math.

PEPE = four letters

CUCK = four letters

4 + 4 = eight letters

Whose name has eight letters? Oh right? VLADIMIR Putin’s name!

It only gets more frightening from here on out, folks.

We already established that VLADIMIR is eight letters. What is the eighth letter of the alphabet? It’s H. Neo-Nazis often use the number 88, because it is HH, for “Heil Hitler.” Putin. Hitler. Alt-right Nazis.

But there’s more. Look at the word ‘racism.’ The C is pronounced like an S, just like in Cyrillic, an alphabet associated with authoritarianism and designed so as to suppress individual thought. Suppose we pronounce the A like the A in ‘father.’ RAS-ism. Now what is Russia called in the Russian language? ROSSIYA. Doesn’t that sound like our word ‘racism,’ only with a different ending? Also, RACISM and ROSSIYA are the same amount of letters if you had the silent Latin H to the former, making it HRACISM.

It’s screaming right in your face, the same way I screamed at Anne, but she wouldn’t believe me because the Chekists must have gotten kompromat on her just like they get it on everybody.

Everybody but me, that is. That’s because I’m off the grid. Everything’s encrypted. I won’t even look at an image of Putin because I know the FSB inserts micro-print hypnotic messages into every official photo of the Ke-Ge-Beshnik-in-chief.


Viewed safely through a special lens I crafted myself, I can tell you that the pattern in the tie contains the repeated message “Kill your wife and daugher, Rick. Do it and you’ll be free.” Nice try, Team Deza. 

Everything in existence is reducible to numbers. Everything can be explained by math one way or another. All the nonsense of the Kremlin-operated media like CNN or MSNBC that talks of business ties and hotels in Moscow is nothing but pablum- pig slop fed to the sheeple who jostle for a spot at the trough of dezinformatsiya. The numbers are what tie the whole thing together like a rug in the middle of a room.

Anyone who tells you they understand Trump’s Russia ties without mention the code is a false prophet- plain and simple. And since we live in a world where coincidences area thing of the past, you can bet they’re trying to distract you on purpose. Why? because their part of the system- Russia’s 100-year-old system of global covert operations. Their agents are numerous and can be anybody you can imagine. Doctors, lawyers, policemen, your neighbor, a fast-food cashier, the guy who spends too much time at the bus stop near my house, divorce lawyers, court-appointed anger management therapists- anyone. Trust no one, not even me. The computer you’re reading this on could have been compromised by the Chekists using their ingenious malware tools such as Kaspersky Labs, Vkontakte, and Bonzi Buddy. I recommend you destroy the device you read this on and be sure to boil its storage hardware for 30 minutes before smashing it. Anything less and you could become a target too.

I must go now. I know that Team Deza will stop at nothing to silence me. I’ve already got a bug-out bag and several disguises. In 48 hours I’ll be a ghost, like I never existed. I can only apologize to the two women in my life for the sacrifices I had to make for the sake of our great nation. I love you, Anne, and my precious daughter Ashley, but there’s another woman in my life who is under threat, and her name is Lady Liberty.

And VLADIMIR PUTIN, if you’re reading this, I only have one thing to say to you- My name is Rick Chaplet, don’t forget it. All your nefarious plans are about to go down in flames, and I’m the guy with the match!


Rick Chaplet was a motivational speaker, life coach, and management consultant who made a living advising executives from Fortune 500 companies, including some of the most innovative Silicon Valley tech firms. After sending this article to be published on Russia Without BS, Chaplet was tragically shot and killed by police after he barricaded himself in a Denny’s restaurant which he claimed was actually an FSB front for a child sex trafficking ring. Investigators refuted Chaplet’s claim, stating that while the management of the restaurant was in fact found to be using the facility as cover for a sex trafficking business, there was no evidence connecting them to Russian intelligence services. 

This post is dedicated to the memory of Richard Chaplet, 1976-2017. RIP

Truth vs. Information War


Sometime before I left Ukraine I began to feel a strong case of burn-out with this so-called “information war” between the West and Russia. I, of course, made my career so to speak on not joining a “team.” For example, I supported and continue to support Ukraine primarily for ideological, moral reasons, not simply because of heritage and certainly not because of the stance the US government took on the matter. More importantly, I do not see everyone who claims to support Ukraine or oppose Putin’s regime as an automatic ally.  This isn’t rocket science; it’s called having principles and trying to be consistent. Unfortunately, that’s a very lonely path these days, and that’s what makes it so easy to get burnt out.

When we look at the “information war” as this conflict that began in earnest in 2014, it is often portrayed in the West as a conflict between truth on one side and Russian propaganda on the other. In reality, it is nothing of the sort. The reason we see the conflict this way is only because the Russian side has been intentionally and enthusiastically flooding the internet with literal disinformation, often in the form of easily-debunked, poorly fabricated fake stories. Since a lot of the West’s counter-propaganda consists of debunking those stories, it gives the impression that Russia lies while the West upholds objective truth. The former is still very true, but the latter simply isn’t.

While many people on the Western side of this conflict are far more grounded in reality than Russia’s propagandists, they still tolerate myth-making and creatively interpreting history to score political points today. In other words, they’re fine with occasionally doing the same thing the Russian government does when it suits their purposes.

For a perfect example of this, look no further than the controversial video released by NATO about the “Forest Brothers,” the name that refers to the Baltic resistance movement after WWII.


Naturally, the Russian government’s reaction to the release of the film was to go ape-shit and start screaming about Nazis. Indeed, it is true that some of the Forest Brothers, much like many members of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, were former Nazi collaborators. From what I saw, however, the Western response to Russian hysterics wasn’t a call for a nuanced study of the Baltic resistance as a whole, but rather dismissal and whataboutist references to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.

To see what’s wrong with this film, I recommend reading this piece by Jewish and Holocaust historian Dovid Katz. If you don’t have time, here’s the main takeaway:

“As for the flawed NATO film, it could be ameliorated by an additional moment of explanation about the featured group’s Nazi connections. True, that might cancel out its value in the West’s informational war against Putinist aggression. But our information war, unlike Russia’s, needs to be based on Western values and historic truthfulness. An alternate solution suggests itself: Make a film about the many brutal evils and crimes of Soviet Communism, perhaps focusing on the very area where the Zapad 17 exercises are slated to be held.

As is often the case, there is a “simple” solution to what is being sold as a “complicated” problem.”

Some might object to Katz’s criticism, saying that the film celebrates only the resistance to Soviet occupation, not Nazi collaboration. But in this climate, try to imagine the shoe was on the other foot. If Russia released, for example, a short film celebrating the victory at Stalingrad, for example. I guarantee you Twitter would be alive with people tweeting about the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact in response. See, the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact totally invalidates the Soviet Union’s role in defeating European fascism and Japanese imperialism, because it was collaboration (indeed it was), but the actual Nazi collaboration of groups like the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists doesn’t count because…uh…later they were betrayed by the Nazis and they…uh…killed maybe a few hundred German personnel.*  This is classic whataboutism- “This thing isn’t bad because your side did this, but the thing your side did is still bad.” One can scream about Russian propaganda as much as one wants, but at the end of the day this is just the same thing, only dumber in some cases.

More importantly from a practical point of view, without correcting this kind of behavior it will never be possible to win hearts and minds among Russians, the only people who can ever halt the imperialist behavior of their rulers for good. Western pundits would like to think that they’re just urging Russia to take responsibility for its past actions. While it is true that Western countries often fail to live up to this standard, there’s a lot more of this accountability in the West than in Russia right now. Unfortunately, the real message the West has been sending over the past decade or so isn’t being interpreted that way. In reality it looks more like the West is telling Russians they must accept the Western interpretation of their own history, while countries like Ukraine, Poland, or the Baltic states are free to tell whatever narratives they wish. While it’s not true that Western media totally ignores the whitewashing that goes on in those latter countries, the attention they receive is nothing compared to what Russia gets for basically the same activity. Does anyone really expect Russians to take a more critical view of their history when they can easily see Ukrainians who defend figures like UPA-leader Roman Shukhevych by repeating nonsense like “every nation has a right to their own heroes?”** 

Obviously it is very possible for a person to both debunk Kremlin lies and on the other hand support lies and myth-making which suits them. The latter does not somehow invalidate the former. But such people don’t really have any right to claim they are standing up for truth. They are standing only for truth when it suits them. The Russians are doing the same thing, it’s just that the truth rarely suits the Kremlin.

I’d urge my fellow “fighters” in this information war to be consistent in their principles and to respect history and the study of history.  History does not belong to one nation; it belongs to humanity. Every attempt to distort and deny it is a slight against human memory, against the story of humanity. None of these nationalist myths actually do anything to repel Russian aggression; they actually provide grist for the Kremlin’s propaganda mills and generally make people dumber.

As for practical advice to those who actually care about being on the side of truth and not just being on a side, I would recommend the following:

-Stop whitewashing Nazi collaborators or groups who committed atrocities just because they are seen as anti-Russian. We Americans already have a shameful past of getting into bed with former Nazis or their collaborators because we decided that Communism was a bigger threat. Incidentally none of that activity actually helped roll back Soviet influence. Instead it just got a lot of people killed for nothing.

-Stop tolerating whitewashing of such figures by nations who feel “threatened” by Russia. For one thing, Russia is not the Soviet Union, ergo all the whataboutist talk about Molotov-Ribbentrop is really moot. The sad fact is that some countries just fought on the wrong side in WWII, and they need to get over that fact the way countries like Germany or Italy (yes, yes, Italian Co-Belligerent forces excepted) did. A good way to do this is by encouraging people to separate their modern independence from historical organizations that often had nothing to do with said independence.

-Stop pretending that World War II was stared by both Hitler and Stalin; it was started by Hitler, who would have gone to war with or without the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. Of course the USSR’s shameful history of collaboration associated with the pact must be taught, but it should be taught in the context of the time, a time when all the major powers collaborated and engaged in appeasement because they all believed they weren’t ready for war. In any case, I repeat that Russia is not the USSR and thus all this talk about Molotov-Ribbentrop is utterly irrelevant to the Kremlin’s actions today. If the Russian ministry of education adopted this Western view of WWII for its school curriculum, would that change anything about the immoral, authoritarian nature of the Putin regime? Absolutely not.

-Don’t let the Russian government get away with monopolizing the victory over fascism in WWII. Instead of trying to invalidate the Soviet Union’s contribution by idiotically pointing out Molotov-Ribbentrop, try pointing out the fact that six million Ukrainians served in the Red Army; at times Ukrainians made up at least 15% of the Red Army’s strength. One in four Belarusians died fighting for the Soviet Union, often as partisans. Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Tajiks, and other peoples whose nations were not directly threatened with invasion and occupation fought in the ranks of the Red Army. In short- the Russian Federation has no right to dictate how the history of the war should be remembered by former Union republics, some of which (Ukraine, Belarus) experienced the war on a far more destructive level.

These are just a few of the recommendations I can give to those who want to fight lies with truth, and not just other lies.

I realize I might lose some supporters by calling out something on “my side,” but I don’t care. I lost plenty of comrades because I stood up for Ukraine when many Western leftists had bought into the Kremlin propaganda. Better to be right than popular.

I can continue to fight against propaganda and the distortion of history, but I cannot continue to be a part of an “information war” that seems to be nothing more than passive-aggressive internet trolling as a substitute for actually opposing the Kremlin’s aggression and assault on reality.


*I’m sorry but I’ll be blunt- If you’re Ukrainian you probably shouldn’t be complaining too much about Molotov-Ribbentrop. That’s why we have Galicia, Volyn, Bukovina, and Bassarabia today. If you’re comfortable giving those territories back, then you can talk. Moreover, most of Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union at the time. Ukrainians in Poland welcomed the invading Soviets, and even the nationalists, at the behest of the Germans, fomented a not-too-successful uprising against the Polish government in 1939. I’m terribly sorry but Ukraine is up to its elbows in responsibility for the carve up of the Polish 2nd Republic whether on one side or the other. Also I find it rather cynical that those who would defend figures who slaughtered Poles by the thousands in Volyn often act as though they’re so concerned with the fate of interwar Poland. Again, this just shows how this side isn’t about moral principle or consistency, but just “winning” a game of historical narratives.

** Yes, I have seen Ukrainians online use this defense numerous times, repeating it almost verbatim as a mantra in both Russian and Ukrainian. No, most Ukrainians don’t see Shukhevych or the UPA as national heroes, which is one reason why every attempt to glorify them in Ukraine typically meets with great controversy.

Two of The Greatest Things You’ll Ever Hear on Anti-Fascism

I’ve been a bit snowed under preparing for my upcoming move, but I wanted to share with my readers some of the most insightful commentary I’ve heard on dealing with fascism and the alt-right in America in a long time. Both are from Chapo Trap House, which shot to the top of my favorite podcast list while I was in Ukraine this summer.

The first is a full episode. which you can find here. It’s a scathing indictment of mainstream liberals’ behavior in the face of rising neo-Nazism in America, when some liberal commentators decided that the radical left was more of a threat than literal neo-Nazis. Worse still, they brandished their idiotic “horseshoe theory” to help explain why the far left is supposedly the same as the alt-right, and it’s also their fault that Queen Hillary crashed and burned while running against a gelatinous orange blob with the mind of a child.  But when the Nazis made their presence impossible to ignore, it wasn’t the middle-aged suburban white moms wearing “pussy hats” on their heads or think tank academics who faced the thugs down in the streets- it was the “unrealistic” radical left.

The other important message in this podcast is that liberalism’s inability to solve the contradictions of the capitalist system inevitably leads to the rise of fascism. Capitalist logic, Malthusian ideology, and an utter lack of ideas or a vision of a better future leads people to formulate terrifying solutions to the real problems we all face. As the hosts point out, the liberal system tells us that our resources are finite and overpopulation is a danger, and because they won’t propose a progressive solution to this issue, thousands of people worldwide see the solution to the problem in wiping out other ethnic groups or “races” so as to secure all the resources for their own group (and by extension, themselves).

The second piece is an excerpt from another episode of the show, featuring Angela Nagle, author of Kill All Normies. Nagle has produced one of the first books on the Alt-Right, and in this interview she explains how the media actually aids alt-right figures like Richard Spencer. In short, many journalists are wholly unable to properly interview neo-Nazis and their fellow travelers because they have little background knowledge about their beliefs.


It’s interesting to speculate as to why so many journalists and politicians fail to understand neo-Nazi ideology and often fail to take them as a serious threat. I’m just taking a stab in the dark here, but it could have to do with the fact that most of the journalists who conduct such interviews tend to be middle class liberals who don’t really hold strong beliefs. A feature of contemporary liberalism today is disdain for any kind of idealistic belief. Liberalism itself is often presented as though it’s not an ideology at all. Well sadly for the think tank crowd- people still believe in things, and some of those things are downright terrible. The only way you’re going to deal with them is to oppose them with counter-ideals, and as I wrote above, liberal centrists simply aren’t up to the task.

Happy Ukrainian Independence Day!

Today Ukraine celebrates 26 years of independence.  Since 2014, it has been fighting to maintain it. If Ukraine is to achieve victory and secure its independence and rightful place in the world, it must endure the most difficult struggle. A struggle not only against the foreign invader and occupier but also against the internal enemies- the collaborators, the corrupt, the hypocritical and false “patriots” as well as the false friends from abroad who only see Ukraine as a potential business opportunity.

I wish victory in that struggle to those in Ukraine who look forward to the future, that they may outnumber and overpower those who wish to take the country back to the dark past.

May Ukraine achieve true freedom and independence! May it remain ever multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, and democratic. May it rediscover its revolutionary, progressive roots and resurrect the dream of Mykhailo Hrushevsky, who once said “…future generations of peasants will have the great mission of representing to the world the Ukrainian People’s Republic, Greater Ukraine, so far the only state of the working people, which must serve as an example for other democracies, which will in turn one day send their children to us — to study, to live, to work, and to lead the state with the participation of working people.”


Endless Two-Front War

Recently The Onion ran a couple of short articles (link, link) lampooning President Trump’s so-called “strategy” in Afghanistan, which seems to amount to “we’ll be there forever.” The Onion’s response may be satirical, but not entirely off the mark. In the coming years, we will have soldiers and marines who have no actual memory of 9/11, which is supposedly the reason why they’re going to Afghanistan. Likewise, some young people are coming of age so that we could have a situation where a son more or less takes over his father’s duties in Afghanistan. Think about that for a second.

Imagine a war without end, where there are several generations of soldiers. Different groups of Afghan War vets have worn different uniforms and carried different weapons. Some of them were well-trained to deal with life in the country; the early birds were wholly unprepared. And while all this has been happening, for the vast majority of Americans Afghanistan might as well be Mars or some other dimension.

Worse still, there is no chance of victory. Nobody even knows what victory means. The leaders of the “free world” want Afghanistan to become a modern democratic country, but they have no idea how to build that. In their minds, this process happens when you have free trade and free markets, which then attract entrepreneurs who give everyone jobs until prosperity ensues. This is something that just isn’t going to happen in Afghanistan. The Taliban and anyone who seeks to ally with them only have to avoid losing. “You may have the watches,” they’ll say, “but we have the time.”

If you think that sounds bleak, it’s not that much different from the situation in the States these days. Our super-genius centrists have no vision of a better future to offer us. If Trump were removed from office tomorrow you can bet your bottom dollar the Democrats would be lining up to work with Mike Pence and the Republicans in Congress. They’d praise the return to “civility” and “dignity.” If you want to see the bizarre utopia centrists live in, here’s a perfect example:

Apart from the delusion that a Republican-dominated congress wouldn’t obstruct all of Clinton’s initiatives the same way they did with Obama, this is the best vision these people can give us of a better future, something better than Trump’s circus. In reality, of course, there’s only one way Clinton would get such a bill passed- she’d cave into every single Republican demand for tax cuts, deregulation, and giveaways to private corporations and then declare victory. This is the best they have to offer.

When you look at it that way, you can kind of understand the mindset of an Afghan villager, patiently listening to some interpreter explaining to him for the seventh time why it is important to support the Afghan central government in Kabul. You can understand why they might be reluctant to put their home and family at risk by collaborating with the authorities when they can just look the other way for the Taliban and sleep soundly at night. Or if that’s not the case, you can at least understand why our hypothetical Afghan villager simply doesn’t give a shit.

We seem to have reached a point in history which earlier revolutionaries such as Lenin predicted prematurely, i.e. the point where capitalism has nothing more to offer most people, in the same way the United States has nothing more to offer Afghanistan than endless war. Millions of people worldwide are already tacitly rejecting the existing order, but unfortunately they are not embracing positive alternatives. If there is any end to this, it won’t be a happy one.

A Play in Three (Stupid) Acts

Lucky me, I get to be a theater critic today! Today’s performance comes from Twitter and it was written by Mark “Won’t someone please think of the 90’s” Ames. The work of such a legendary figure needs no introduction, so let us get on with the show!

Act I

Muckraking journalist Ames informs us that “US gov’t-funded StopFake” is attacking the NYTimes’ “scoop.” There are two things to note here. The first is that StopFake is funded by a variety of different sources, but of course saying “US-government funded” sounds a lot better than funded by the Foreign Ministry of the Czech Republic, the British Embassy in Ukraine, and several NGOs. The strange thing about Ames is that he doesn’t seem to be so skeptical about government-funded media outlets when they are Russian, as his numerous appearances on RT would suggest. For example, here he is on that network claiming that the US is run by a corrupt oligarchy. If you hear a wheezing sound in the background, that’s irony gasping for help as it bleeds to death off camera.


The second thing about this tweet is how Ames calls the NYT piece a scoop, as though he is impressed with it or at least believes in its veracity. That’s very interesting because Ames doesn’t seem to have much regard for the “mainstream media” when it reports on certain countries, such as Russia. It’s almost as if he’s got some kind of bias whereby he is perfectly happy to accept sources he’d otherwise dismiss if they say something that confirms his worldview.

The truth is that it’s not just StopFake attacking that story. The story was almost immediately debunked by a number of sources, which you can read about here. Even Russia’s state-owned TASS seems to be treating the story with extreme skepticism.

But wait! Maybe Ames has some kind of additional evidence to back up the story’s claims. Maybe he’ll debunk the debunked.

Or not…

Act II

Well that solves the mystery then! We can’t trust StopFake’s refutation of the NYT because…Nazis? Did Ames get hired by the Russian Foreign Ministry?

Seriously though, this red herring is such an utter failure I struggled to decide where to begin. First of all, the story in question is in StopFake’s “context” section. These are typically reprinted from other sources. There’s even a disclaimer: “News in the section ‘Context’ are not fakes. We publish them in order to provide you with a deeper understanding of the techniques and methods used by the Russian government in its information war.”

The byline is Halya Coynash from Human Rights in Ukraine, a site that has often voiced criticism of the Ukrainian government’s policies, as well as far-right extremism in Ukraine. Somehow all of this got past the veteran gonzo journalist Ames.

More importantly, the article isn’t about Azov or neo-Nazis. It’s about a lawsuit involving a Ukrainian journalist who alleged that a documentary producer distorted their reporting to fit a certain narrative. The distortion about Azov isn’t even the most egregious example, but it happens to the be the first listed, which suggests that Ames just skimmed the article until he found something he didn’t like, reinterpreted it in a bizarre way, and then attributed this to StopFake in order to debunk a debunking of a story about Ukraine selling rocket engines to North Korea. Makes perfect sense.

Incidentally the deceptive editing in the Azov interview is relevant. Cutting off a key part of their stated ideology does two things for the viewer. The most obvious is that it makes them sound far more sinister than they actually are. More importantly, however, it highlights how the ideology of groups like Azov or Pravy Sektor are more or less identical or at least similar to that of various Russian “volunteer” units and their foreign allies. In fact they’re milder ideologically in comparison to the far-right “Rusich” unit, whose leader has been accused of war crimes. In case you’re wondering what became of that young man, whose unit was pulled out of the Donbas in mid-2015, he’s doing fine, training kids in paramilitary techniques back in Russia. If viewers knew the truth about far-right politics in this conflict, they’d understand that there’s no reason to associate far-right views with the Kyiv side. If anything, the “separatist” side may have more people of a far-right persuasion.

Nobody is arguing that Biletsky and his followers are poor misunderstood neo-Nazis, especially not StopFake. It’s a small part of a larger story about a filmmaker deliberately distorting footage so as to construct a narrative that is largely false. Incidentally, I can think of similar examples where quotes are distorted or taken out of context in order to fit a certain narrative about Russia. The perfect example is Putin’s 2005 quote about the collapse of the Soviet Union. It is often used to suggest that Putin wishes for a return of the Soviet Union, which is refuted by this quote of Putin the following month:

“People in Russia say that those who do not regret the collapse of the Soviet Union have no heart, and those that do regret it have no brain. We do not regret this, we simply state the fact and know that we need to look ahead, not backwards. We will not allow the past to drag us down and stop us from moving ahead. We understand where we should move. But we must act based on a clear understanding of what happened…”

Vladimir Putin is a man with horrible ideas and the same can be said for Azov (more accurately the National Corps, which is the political wing started by Biletsky). But let us criticize their actual ideas and not slay strawmen like the one the documentary maker set up via his creative editing.

In this act Ames seems to be deliberately inventing StopFake’s words to create a red herring which has nothing to do with the NYT story. The question is why. What conclusion is he bringing us to?


Here it is folks- the piece de resistance! 

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! 

Bravo, Ames! A masterpiece if there ever was one. Let’s break down the genius of this performance.

  1. Attack StopFake for calling out an article that was debunked by several sources and had poor evidence to begin with.
  2. Go on a tangent about neo-Nazis that has nothing to do with anything.
  3. Conclude that the “fact-checking racket” is a cesspool.

I’d say the irony of a guy who wrote for The eXile calling fact-checking (or anything) a cesspool is lost on Mark, but remember that he already stabbed irony to death just before that guest appearance on RT earlier in this post.

Maybe it’s just burnout, but I’ve got to wonder if he’s even cognizant of how ridiculous he looks. This isn’t anti-establishment, it’s just edgy contrarian bullshit that happens to help another country’s establishment by default.

You know what? Never mind. Knowing Ames, he can just claim this was all “satire” and move on. It’s your fault for not getting the joke.

Rally for Free Speech! *

Greetings fellow liberty lovers! In case some of you are not aware, in the near future I will be moving back to the United States for some time, and given the imperiled state of free speech in my homeland, my return cannot come soon enough!

Let’s face it, America has long been suffering under the jackboot of freedom-hating political correctness! People are being locked up just for sharing or even liking posts on social media! No wait…That’s in Russia. But it certainly could be America any day now, and the only way to avoid this fate is to stand up for free speech in all its forms.

This is why I’m announcing the planning phase for the American Islamic State and Al Qaeda Rally for Free Speech, to be held in New York City’s scenic Central Park. This entirely peaceful and non-violent rally will allow American and America-based supporters of the Islamic State and Al Qaeda to put aside their differences and voice their support for the creation of a Wahhabist Sunni Islamic society under Sharia law.

Now I can already hear legions of anti-free speech Stalins objecting to this expression of personal liberty. Many of them will say that the Islamic State and Al Qaeda are terrorist groups. Well that may very well be true of some self-proclaimed members of the Islamic State, as well as some members of Al Qaeda. But if there is an American citizen who is sympathetic to either of those organizations and yet at the same time is a totally law-abiding taxpayer, why should they be denied their First Amendment rights just because some other supporters of said organizations outside the US went to extremes? Also, just because these fine people want to impose their interpretation of Sunni Islamic law doesn’t necessarily mean this would entail violence. It’s entirely possible that the vast majority of Americans will willingly accept this transition to a Wahhabist, Sharia-based society. Many others may choose to vote with their feet and move. There’s no reason to assume that American Islamic State and Al Qaeda supporters are advocating violence unless they explicitly state that they are. Opinions don’t kill anyone.

And if any Social Justice Warriors out there try to point out that the Islamic State and Al Qaeda have regularly carried out violent attacks and atrocities, I would remind them that every story has two sides, and most people these days would caution against trusting the so-called “mainstream media.” Is it right to pronounce these organizations guilty without listening to their supporters’ defense? Have they no right to tell their side of the story? If that’s what you think, maybe you’d be more at home in STALINIST RUSSIA than America. I’ll say it again- freedom…of…speech. The Founders didn’t stutter.

I look forward to the support of the Youtube skeptic and atheist community when it comes to promoting and popularizing this rally for free speech. I know that while many of these personalities have made their careers from criticizing and mocking Islam in all forms, they are also people who live by the dictum of “I disagree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it!”

More than any other demonstration in recent years, the American Islamic State/Al Qaeda Rally for Free Speech will serve as the highest affirmation of Americans’ commitment to the Constitution and its First Amendment. Dates to be announced soon. I hope to see you there! Otherwise you’re a libtard cucklord Commie Cultural Marxist PC SJW who hates free speech! Praise KEK!



*For those whose ability to detect sarcasm is diminished, and in particular those who work in law enforcement or the intelligence community, this post is STRICTLY SATIRICAL.