Not that this blog is about to go all “Fuck Alex Jones,” but there’s a fitting update to the last post about the conspiracy-peddling con-man and his custody trial. SPOILERS- He lost.

And justly so, seeing as how all non-brainwashed people realize that Jones never actually had any children. The “kids” were in fact just crisis actors paid by George Soros. Another NWO false flag psyop has been foiled thanks to the jurors, who have apparently taken countermeasures against the effects of fluoride and chemtrails. They won’t be turning into gay frogs anytime soon!

The moral of the story- be careful about what you pretend to be.

6 thoughts on “Update

  1. DM

    I can’t imagine how much damage guys like Alex Jones do to the minds of gullible folks. He is not playing a character, he is a fraud. I wish what he claimed in court would circulate more to reach minds of those people he’s been fooling. However, some people find some comfort in conspiracy theories, to quote Matrix movie: “some people are not ready to be unplugged”.

    You’ve now lived in Ukraine for some time, would you write a post about differences between Ukrainian and Russian societies that you’ve experienced so far, both positive and negative,if there are any at all.

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      Went full-on Nazi, eh Anatoly?

      See if I were to infer a lesson from this, it would be – don’t be a con-man who preys on the gullible and mentally ill.

      1. Everyone We Don’t Like Is Hitler

        No, the real lesson is: Kelly Jones’ monthly alimony is $43,000.
        He is evil cult leader, says she, yet she is eager to take gullible cult follower’s money?

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