Didn’t I Warn You?

So today I woke up to find out that His Orangeness launched a series of cruise missile strikes against Assad’s military airfields in Syria.

I must say this was a bit unexpected, but look who we’re talking about here. But then again, I did predict something like this, as one Twitter follower reminded me:

That old tweet of mine was based on Trump’s assertion that he’d shoot down Russian planes for buzzing American ships in the Black Sea, something which, incidentally, isn’t really justifiable. So yes, I’m going to gloat about predicting this, because in general the situation developed more or less as I thought it would, if only a bit more quickly.

If you had been reading my blog during the run-up to the election, I wrote about how the idea of a grand bargain and partnership between Putin and Trump was highly unlikely. Trump might personally deal with Putin, if only because he loves people who flatter him, but contrary to the beliefs of Trump supporters, he is only a man with limited powers in a big, institutional system. Far more important is the fact that Trump’s whole campaign was based on this idea that America sucks, and he’s going to make it great again. When it came to foreign policy, the line was that America was weak, “always losing,” etc., and this was emboldening America’s enemies. One Trump ad even pegged Putin as one of those enemies.

Trump’s tough-guy routine and his tough-guy wannabe supporters pretty much guaranteed that he would clash with Putin over some issue at some point. It was inevitable. As I’ve written plenty of times before, there really is no foreign policy the United States can pursue that would appeal to Russia save for total isolationism, which looks like submission in the minds of Trump and Trumpkins. Since the latter are basically of a similar mindset, submission is anathema, and any military action is better than none at all.  It’s also interesting to note that the Trump State Department has had tough words for Putin over Ukraine, though I doubt the US will back those words with deeds apart from very incremental targeted sanctions. From the look of things, Putin still has a free hand to wreak havoc in the Donbas.

Still, this Syria operation is a major propaganda defeat for Putin. Remember, the Russian state media worked people into a euphoria over Trump in the weeks running up to the election. High profile personalities in Moscow’s circles of power cheered his victory, including the aforementioned Margarita Simonyan, head of RT. Pro-government astroturf activists actually threw a victory party for him in Moscow. And, although we cannot say that Russia swayed the election in favor of Trump, they certainly tried.

Now what have they got for all that ass-kissing? If we were to adopt the hilariously self-owning terminology of the alt-right, I’d say they got cucked. Hard. Truly this is the Great Cuckening. Up till now, Putin was winning in Syria propaganda-wise, and propaganda is everything to his regime. The United States and the rest of the West appeared impotent. They couldn’t establish a no-fly zone, they couldn’t save Aleppo, and Russia was dictating events on the ground in spite of some setbacks. This proved Russia was a great power capable of projecting military force and of course Putin is the wise chess player orchestrating it all. Then suddenly Cheeto Benito comes in from out of nowhere and bombs the shit out of Assad’s airfields. Those super-deadly S-300 SAM systems the Russians sent were useless. Supposedly the US warned Russia ahead of the strike but that’s even worse. The Americans tell the Great Leader Putin that they’re about to plaster his ally with Tomahawks and all he can do is maybe plead with them a bit before giving in and hanging his head in shame. That doesn’t go over well with the fanboys, be they vatniks in Russia or alt-righties in the West.


Even worse for Putin is the fact that there’s not much he can do about this. I’m afraid at most he’ll try to ratchet up the violence in Ukraine, knowing that the US isn’t nearly as interested in Eastern Europe, but he’s already suffered a minor defeat there now that Ukraine got visa free travel to the EU. Chicken Littles are already screaming about how we’re on the eve of WWIII, but what they fail to realize is that Putin’s military, compared to the US and the rest of NATO, is a paper tiger. He could cause a fair bit of damage early on, but he wouldn’t be able to sustain such a war and his ruling class won’t allow it. And with Putin’s upcoming election and rising protest sentiments, the Kremlin media’s going to be scrambling to spin this and other inconvenient facts.

While I don’t trust Trump’s ability to solve the issue of Syria any more than I trust in his abilities to understand the basic duties of his office, this latest action shows how a moronic elephant bumbling around in a china shop can sometimes produce some positive results.



13 thoughts on “Didn’t I Warn You?

  1. NonDenominationalLeftist

    Seeing a lot conspiracy theories, especially from liberals, that this was all part of some larger deal between Putin and Trump. The claim revolves around reporting that the US alerted Russian forces before the strike. The thing is:

    1. If this happened, it likely was transmitted largely to the ground forces there, not the Kremlin directly
    2. The purpose of the strikes wasn’t to kill Syrian troops, it was to damage their infrastructure used to carry out airstrikes. Reports seem to say 10-15 jets were destroyed. In addition, without a functioning runway/refueling tech, this airbase is not going to be functional for a long time.
    3. Reports indicate that several SAA personel were killed, including a Brigadier General

    Some of the more extreme variations I’ve heard suggest that Russia orchestrated the chemical weapons attack as part of some larger deal. Somehow this is suggesting that Putin greatly worsened the international image of the Syrian government and the Russian intervention and allowed for substantial setbacks in terms of Syrian airforce capacity all as some gesture of goodwill towards Trump?

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      Sounds like the activities of THE RESISTANCE!

      But seriously, this couldn’t have been some deal. I think the US did warn them and they balked about it, but there’s nothing they can do.

      And yes, it does seem the main aim was to cripple the use of the airfields.

      1. Asehpe

        I’d be curious to know further about why this couldn’t possibly be some deal. After all, the Russians knew about those chemical weapons; they could have OK-ed an attack by Assad, so as to wring a few tears from Trump (‘beautiful babies’) and get a counterattack — so as to make things look bad between them and discredit the investigation of Trump-Russia links. Then, after a few months of saying bad things to each other and a few more of ‘reconciliation’, we all get to talk about what a great peacemaker Trump is.

        I suppose it all depends on how important it is for Putin to actually manipulate Trump, and what he was trying to get out of this. If he’s really interested… he’d certainly have the resources to do that.

        Of course, it is more likely that this was all a coincidence and that the bad mojo between them right now is sincere, not some conspiracy. Still, sometimes I wonder… if, say, in 6 to 10 months the relations between Trump and Putin become friendly again, and if Russia by then gets the sanctions lifted… maybe it will all be worth it.

      2. NonDenominationalLeftist

        This theory supposes Putin would intentionally bring harm to his ally’s air force capacity and weaken domestic support for any kind of rapproachment with the US/Europe just to delay an American investigation? This seems like an incredibly risky kind of gambit.

    2. James Assange

      Lmao omg the grand deception. Howith much asperteme and Gmo and fluride you people been consuming. You seriously havery been brainwashed by your mainstream. These apparent high tech destroyers like the USS cook whom the personnel were screaming OMG as they were on deck with binocolours as they com screens went blank were rendered useless by a SU24 squad in armed with some emp/emf devuce. I watched a stealth drone being hacked and landed on a road in crimea ans chucked un a truck. The cook retreated to Romania and so called stealth drone fleet was recalled. Of course Russia can’t hit nato/satellites and the Kazan class sub fleet and the RS28 is a myth it doesn’t and the S500 i’s a myth. Russia uses mustangs Lmao yea…hmm yellows tone or the San areas fault yum yum. Fuck the Paedophilian Satin West I’m from western Europe and I stand with the Russian Federation. You can Fuck your NWO also. Keep watching CNN edited news lmao….duh!

  2. NonDenominationalLeftist

    Here is what I don’t understand. For so many on the right wing, this seems to be the ultimate straw for Trump. This represents his true betrayal to the establishment. I can’t help but find this bizarre despite repeated instances of hypocrisy we’ve seen from the administration, whether it comes to his wall street stacked cabinet or his failure to repeal Obamacare, only now are all these people speaking out against him. I’ve generally tried to shy away from conspiracy theory when it comes to Trump and Russia, but it’s times like this when I start to feel that the Kremlin troll army really exists.

  3. AndyT

    Europe’s populists are nuts, now – they love Putin, but they’ve also been praising Trump for months… whose side would they piick?

    1. NonDenominationalLeftist

      Le Pen seems very strongly opposed to the missile strikes, but then she’s a lot more pro-Assad than Trump ever was.


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