American Journalists – You are Doomed. You are Just Puppet

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to write since I’m recovering from a surgical operation (that general anesthesia sure is something, isn’t it?) and basically feel like crap. The worst part is that I’m not supposed to engage in physical activity for two weeks, which of course threatens the MASSIVE GAINS I’ve made up to this point.

But, lucky for you, my good friend Alexei “Noodle Remover” Kovalev has penned a very important message for America’s journalists- you are doomed. There is no hope. Get out while you can.

Read his latest here.

25 thoughts on “American Journalists – You are Doomed. You are Just Puppet

  1. mariinskyrose

    The problem with this entire article is the premise that mainstream American journalists are fair and “doing their job” to begin with. Their profession has become a joke and it’s one of the reasons why even people on the fence about Trump voted for him. The public is sick of the media establishment complex and it’s self-congratulatory behavior, condescension, and dishonesty. Holding nobody accountable. Most especially not themselves. Trump’s down and dirty tactics, if you will, at least reveal the real colors of the even more down and dirty machinations of those who oppose him.

    Trump wins with some added help from a Twitter tweet or two, and all of a sudden those in the media want to hold those in power accountable. Who all of a sudden have become “journalists” as opposed to an extension of the White House cabinet. Cute. Real cute.

  2. mariinskyrose

    They were Obama/Hillary sycophants the way Russian media is with Putin. Even the likes of Bernie Sanders suffered for it, he do not target the media for its bias the way Trump did.

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      Except that’s patently false. The media spent way more time on email non-scandals than actual policy issues. They also gave Trump millions of dollars worth of free coverage.

      If they were more hostile to Trump than usual, it was because he frequently attacked them, even when called out for telling blatant lies. Don’t expect the media to like you when you attack them every chance you get.

  3. mariinskyrose

    Indeed. Because if it were actual policy that was given due, Clinton would have lost by even more than she did. Which is why even her campaign just stuck to attacks on Trump.

    The media has done terribly. Americans voted “against” the media this election. That is why I refer to Trump voters who don’t necessarily love him, but voted for him anyway because they hate the current media establishment seeking to control the narrative.

    And while Obama may have been a nice man, the vast majority of Americans were unhappy with his policies.

  4. mariinskyrose

    We are a center-right country.

    The Democratic platform this year was the most liberal its ever been especially with regard to social issues. I know of people who normally don’t vote, but don’t want transgender bathrooms to even be a topic of conversation not reps from Planned Parenthood (whose funding is on the chopping block) lecturing their kindergarten children about condoms, plan B, and HPV vaccines. You can say these concerns are baseless all you want, but that is why the Dems lost so badly. When it boils down to it, people are a lot more tied to tradition and religion-rooted morals than we admit.

    1. mariinskyrose

      Nor* Planned Parenthood I mean. And it is coverage of the abortion industry in particular where “alternative media” has shined the most because the mainstream doesn’t touch it. Trump is no paragon of moral virtue, but for that one issue alone (abortion and his promise to appoint pro-life Supreme Court justices) millions of people – especially Christians (of all races mind you) voted conservative. I live in Los Angeles, where the majority of churchgoers are nonwhite and immigrant. They don’t like the liberal ethical norms being taught in public schools etc…many voted Trump.

    2. Jesus herself

      Every democratic platform is “the most liberal it’s ever been” and nobody is teaching kindergarten children about birth control you nutter

    3. Jim Kovpak Post author

      The US doesn’t have an official political ideology.

      As for the transgender bathroom issue- it wasn’t really an issue until conservative yahoos made it one. I was involved in conservative politics for many years and I never remember anyone being extremely upset about transgender people using bathrooms- nobody mentioned it at all.

      It’s just a strange coincidence that this suddenly became an issue after the conservatives lost on same-sex marriage.

      As for the sex education in kindergarten, once again you’ve been listening to right-wing conservative pundits instead of reality.

      Nobody does that because apart from any moral considerations there’s simply no point in teaching children about those issues at that age.

      1. mariinskyrose

        On the whole, people lean center right. It is not “official” or mandated. Just the general trend. For example, people might support legal abortion — but with extreme restrictions. Even registered Democrats like their firearms and guns. And most Americans do not want a Scandinavian style economic or healthcare model.

  5. mariinskyrose

    People don’t like Hillary’s policies. On the ground, in the US, you speak to people…local diners or what have you. They don’t see the point on Russia sanctions, they blame Hillary/Bush before her for the mess in the Middle East, and people don’t want a strong China.

    Suit yourselves but there are a lot of Christians still left in the US and do not want abortion on demand to be legal period. They vote.

    And the Brexit thing plus the refugee mess in Europe also shaping people’s opinions as well…to be against the current now crumbling globalist direction the world was taking.

      1. mariinskyrose

        If you take out Los Angeles (where I am) and New York. The number would be a lot smaller. (Even Hillary voters here were on the fence.). Liberal appeal is confined to concentrated areas that just happen to be stuffed with similar-minded people. But in the grand scheme, Trump had broader appeal to a wider range of people outside the 2-3 biggest cities.

        And if you want to play the race card: I will only repeat that immigrant communities tend to be a lot more socially conservative and religious minded than say, yuppie hipster types. And Democrats have the quandary to deal with.

    1. Jesus herself

      “People don’t like Hillary’s policies” – Millions more voted for Hillary than Trump.

      “They don’t see the point on Russia sanctions” – The vote on the sanctions passed unanimously in both the House and the Senate.
      Are you saying that both parties in both houses hold views that are opposite of the people who voted for them, on this issue?

      “Lot of Christians left in the US” – Most Americans are Christian and most Americans are in favour of some level of abortion being legal, ergo, plenty of Christians don’t have a problem with it.

      Stop hiding behind “everyone thinks”.
      If you have an opinion, own up to it.

      1. mariinskyrose

        See comment above regarding the 3 million people thing. We responded at the same time. Take the 2 biggest cities out of the equation and you realize liberal ideas are quite concentrated and confined. Conservativism has broader appeal. Democrats like Bill Clinton understood this. Hence his centrist approach to things as President.

        This election, Republicans also won the majority in House and Senate mind you.

        I speak for myself when I do and I state my observations as I do. I am a native of Los Angeles with extensive experience in Russia. Love both places and know both America and Russia can vastly improve.

      2. Jim Kovpak Post author

        Again, taking the 2 biggest cities out of the equation is utterly meaningless here. Take away everyone who voted for Trump and Trump loses in a total blowout.

        This is utterly irrelevant because the fact that 3 million more people voted for Hillary disproves your claim that most Americans were against her.

        Hillary was basically a continuation of her husband’s legacy, which if anything hurt her more than helped her.

        Lastly, the House is largely shaped by Republican jerrymandering which went into high gear in 2010.

  6. mariinskyrose

    Hillary had her own thing going even in the 90s with the original healthcare debacle.

    She was an extension and expansion of the Obama legacy.

    That being said, the Clinton machine was well oiled and Hillary would have won had anyone other than Trump ran. (Jeb, Ted, Marco)

    The Republicans have been running weaklings like Romney for awhile. And conservatives (like myself) did not show up to vote. I already liked Trump, but Mike Pence as his runningmate sealed the deal for me. I was on the fence about the prospect of a VP Gingrich, Giuiliani, and Christie.

    Pence is someone I have long admired and trust.

    I am also happy with Trump’s cabinet picks.

  7. sglover

    It’s a good essay, but I keep thinking that in the narrow world of the DC press corps, Trump’s performance is more a logical endpoint than something truly new. The correspondents who make it to White House press events don’t get there because they ask tough questions. Besides, in the Beltway world a “tough question” pretty much never goes beyond this week’s media shitstorm.

    True, with a bullshit slinger like Trump press conferences are even **less** worthwhile than before. The only thing worth paying attention to is what his gang does. But I don’t think the usual run of American reporters have the wit for looking beyond personality quirks and distractions.

    Hope the surgery went well!


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