The End of the Beginning

What seems like one of the worst elections in American history (yes, even worse than that one) is finally coming to an end. In case you’re wondering, I don’t intend to stay up through the night to see the results. I’m going to act like it’s Christmas and I’m waking up to presents under the tree. Of course there’s a slim chance those presents might turn out to be rotting animal corpses, but either way I prefer a surprise.

As some readers might have imagined, yes, I held my nose and voted for the status quo candidate- Hillary. Had anyone but Trump been her opponent, I wouldn’t have bothered voting at all. If it had been Rubio or Cruz running against her, my state probably wouldn’t be anywhere near a toss-up anyway.

I know that many of my radical leftist readers have probably had to swallow the bitter medicine as well. It’s not pleasant being mistaken for a Hillary supporter. But to those of you who made the adult choice this election in spite of all your qualms, take consolation in the fact that you can do something I can’t do after Tuesday.

You can get to know your congressmen at the state and federal level. You can organize groups to advocate for the issues that matter to you. You can volunteer, or even consider running for office yourself. If you were disappointed that Bernie didn’t win the primaries, you can spend the next four years advocating for those policies you believe in, instead of imagining that some presidential candidate will appear one election and make everything alright.

As a certain article I read today remarked, voting is the least you can do to participate in democracy. And while there are certain structures in place which make politics less accessible for the majority of people, you in America have far more opportunities to make a difference than most of the world’s population. Sure, when we think of the so-called 1% dominating politics, this is a feature of the system. But that’s only part of the explanation. Look at voter turnout alone, especially in midterm elections. As powerful as lobby groups are, there aren’t really that many other groups actively competing for politicians’ attention. They may have more resources, but why let them win unopposed?

Don’t take this as my “get out the vote” rant. This is my “get out and do something after 8 November” rant. Do it because you can. There’s not too much I can do from here; I may not be in Russia much longer but I have no idea when I’ll return to the States. I regret that I didn’t realize what I could do many years ago. Radical solutions seemed so much more appealing, and yet those who insisted they were the only way didn’t really do anything radical at all. In fact, they were less politically active than the “mainstream normies” or whatever you want to call them.

Tuesday is not the end. It is the beginning of a new struggle. Remember, in defeat the dark forces Trump’s movement has conjured up will not simply vanish back to their anime porn image boards. Sure, many of them will, but others will be organizing, plotting for the next run in four years. What are you going to be doing during that time?



15 thoughts on “The End of the Beginning

  1. AndyT

    Thanks for writing this – regardless of different views, we should always remember that Politics is much, much more than voting once every few 4, 5 years.

    In my opinion, almost every deed might be political in nature – from what we buy to what we read (including *cough* a certain blog *cough* :P)

  2. gbd_crwx

    I wonder though,if we assume that Clinton wins (touch wood), that this most recent email-thing,mgiht not have caused a trump victory but instead prevented a democratic gain in congress?

  3. Paul Canning (@pauloCanning)

    A point on this which has come up because of Jill Stein and the Greens is how uncontested by ‘progressives’ *other elections are. Local councils, Mayors etc. (The Stein criticism is they only bother running in Presidential in hope of 5% and the $$ which would then flow.)

    As Sanders is a product of standing locally, the epitome of how that can work, it interests me why a lesson does not seem to have been learned from that.

    1. gbd_crwx

      Well, this could be that some prejudices about “progressives” as University educated unworldly and unpractical people might hold some grain of truth. Local politics might appear not as sexy and interesting as national of world politics but as you said good for building a base

  4. NHP Row

    Please don’t leave Russia. You’re one of the best sources there is. If you leave, you leave the narrative on Russia to the Putinists and the Neocons.

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      I’m sorry but I’ve just got to. I’ve been trying to get out since late 2013. I’ll still be pretty hooked in to what’s going on in Russia though thanks to Twitter and my various contacts. Of course part of me wishes I could just forget about all of it.

  5. Trump2016

    Remember you told me of the Great Cuckening around a month ago? Turns out it’s you who got cucked in the end, Jim, huh?

      1. AndyT

        Indeed – Trump has always blamed Russia’s, China’s, Iran’s… activities on Obama’s weakness… as soon as he is in charge, he might want to show his supporters he’s much stronger than him.

      2. gbd_crwx

        I’ll second that one. I saw in the guardian that there are some in Kreml who wonders if trumps unpredictability might be more than they bargained for.

  6. Jim Kovpak Post author

    Actually, assuming you’re in America, it’s Trump supporters who are going to get cucked. Just wait till it comes time for him to make good on all those wacky promises he made.


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