I can’t remember if I ever posted about it here, but early on in the Trump race, even before he managed to cinch the nomination, I predicted that his most fanatical fanboys will not give up on their mad crusade just because their candidate loses. First of all, there would be the back-stab legends, the contrived conspiracy theories to explain, mostly to themselves, why their candidate lost. In fact, last week the Trump campaign and some of its supporters have already started peddling their basic theory that the election will be “rigged.” This will not be the last time you hear that, I guarantee it.

As it turns out, I’m not alone in my concern over the potential reactions of the Trump mob. This article from Foreign Policy lays out the danger pretty accurately, judging by the past reactions to Obama’s election and the general trajectory of American political discourse. But there’s something in it even more disturbing. Check out this excerpt:

“What will Trump himself do now that he is no longer a candidate? Media insiders are predicting the rise of “Trump News,” a media empire that will cater to, as one insider said, “a base of the population that hasn’t had a voice in a long time.” If the media organization mirrors Trump’s campaign, that base will include Klansmen, militia members, and everyday racists, and will likely circulate conspiracy theories and lies, further muddling reporting in a decimated media economy.”

Forget RT. Forget Sputnik. Hell, forget Fox News. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a threat to American society. Nobody really pays attention to the former two, and as bad as the latter is, even they have some limits as to who they’ll put on. A Trump news network is likely to be a complete circus, a cornucopia of the worst ideas. This threatens to do to America what Russia’s insane media did to this populace.

While it looks like Trump’s chances in November are pretty poor, and he’s got plenty of time to alienate even more potential supporters, I wouldn’t be breathing a huge sigh of relief should he go down in flames on election day. A more difficult struggle will no doubt ensue thereafter. I sure hope the left gets its act together and reconstitutes itself into a real political force very soon.



10 thoughts on “OH SHI-

  1. AndyT

    …What if Trump’s plan had always been that?

    After all, most of his popularity has come from this reality-show – his whole campaign may well be just another way to promote his own brand.

    If it turned out to be the truth, all of this could backfire, though – what if his supporters and/or sympathizers realised their idol had been only trying to make himself “great again”?

    1. gunlord500

      If it turned out to be the truth, all of this could backfire, though – what if his supporters and/or sympathizers realised their idol had been only trying to make himself “great again”?

      That would be nice, but it’s also a best-case scenario…never underestimate the ability of Trump supporters to delude themselves.

      1. AndyT

        That’s a good point, indeed – however, the whole suspicion-filled, conspiracy-dominated zeitgeist Trump-like characters have been contributed to for years has been making people’s reaction less predictable than before.

  2. Asehpe

    So, more conspiracy theory news media, ahn? Oh boy, we’re heading for a world full of echo chambers and where people can’t even talk to each other without calling each other names…

  3. ramendik

    What Left?

    After a president wins on the peace vote, invades Libya, does the hybrid war thing in Syria a few years before Russia did anything like that; AND his direct accomplice in this becomes the next candidate, what Left is there to speak of in the USA?

    Yeah, I know, a common thing. Russia does not have a coherent opposition force, either. Ireland does, except that it’s Sinn Fein, and, you know, they have certain violent links, so…


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