Moving up

You’ve probably noticed that I don’t post frequently these days. In truth I am working on other articles and projects which happen to make me money. Honestly this year hasn’t been too good to me, but if Eminem has taught us anything, it’s that when you think you’re almost done you’ve got to reach deep down to tap that inner strength and give it one last shot.


In the spring of 2015, it looked like everything would be lost. I had no job, few prospects, and nothing but my savings to rely on. I made a crowdfunding campaign with a rather ambitious goal, hoping it would help me expand the RWOBS brand into new media. In the end, it fell far short of its goal, but it paid one month’s rent at a very critical time. And you know what? That made all the difference in the world.

The money I’d saved on the rent allowed me to plan the first of three trips to Ukraine that I made in 2015. After that trip, during which I visited the embattled Donetsk oblast, I got the attention of, and returned in August to see life on the very front line itself. In that time I managed to get published and cited in more publications, and made three more TV appearances. So that $400 or so went a long way.

Now I’ve got more supporters and collaborators and I’m looking to go from blog to vlog. Russia Without BS already has a Youtube channel, but I need some equipment to make high-quality videos and other recordings. That’s where you come in. Check out the new campaign for details.

Remember- RT is one of the most popular channels on Youtube (though nowhere near as popular than Pewdiepie). Are you going to let them occupy Youtube? Or will you support partisan leader Kovpak in the war against bullshit? Let’s do this! Let’s annex reunite with Youtube!


4 thoughts on “Moving up

  1. wildthang

    Stupid question: is there no chance of you applying to vice? I have the feeling that they employ writers far below your expertise and eloquence …

    1. wildthang

      Also, isn’t this vlog thing a bit dangerous, given that you might become successful with it? I mean, you still live in Russia…

      1. Jim Kovpak Post author

        I’ve already been on Stopfake and my photo appears in several stories, so it’s not like they don’t know who I am. But in any case I might be relocating soon so it won’t be an issue.

    2. Jim Kovpak Post author

      I’m sure Vice would hire me for freelance stuff. I don’t know about staff positions though. I’ve heard they’re a bit slow to pay freelancers as well.


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