RT America journalist under investigation

WASHINGTON DC- FBI officials raided the house of RT (Russia Today) America journalist Adam Peterson on Monday morning. Peterson, 34, lives with his parents in Rockville, Maryland. Federal authorities stated that he is under investigation for “extremism” and “conspiring to undermine the Constitution and territorial integrity of the United States.”

Critics of the move charged the FBI with violating the First Amendment, but a Justice Department spokesperson denied that any of Peterson’s rights had been infringed upon.

“What if he had been going on cable TV and criticizing the government of Iran, Saudi Arabia, or North Korea?” the spokesperson said at a post-raid press conference.

“North Korea gave on of our citizens fifteen years in a labor camp just for taking down a poster.”

When asked what events in North Korea had to do with this specific case and the question of Constitutional rights, the spokesperson responded by claiming that such cases “happen everywhere.”

According to authorities, Peterson is being investigated over comments he made when speaking as a guest on a news broadcast. Specifically, it is alleged that some comments he made regarding the 2003 invasion of Iraq may be in violation of a law against “harming or defaming the integrity and reputation of the US military and its commander-in-chief.” The law forbids “public statements or published material which questions, challenges, or otherwise denies the necessity, wisdom, or moral correctness of US military campaigns, as well as the decision makers who planned and/or executed said military campaigns.” It is believed that Peterson’s on-air statement that “Weapons of Mass Destruction were not found in Iraq” may constitute a violation of this law.

Peterson’s arrest is one more high profile example of what human rights activists call a “tightening crackdown” by the US  authorities against dissent. Experts suggest that economic troubles in the wake of 2008’s crisis coupled with the strain imposed by foreign military conflicts may have led the administration to see itself as more vulnerable.

In March of this year, White House press secretary Josh Earnest caused concern among America-watchers due to his remarks about foreign influence and the need for more “vigilance.”

“Our Eastern partners still finance their agents in our country. They launch information attacks against our president, in an election year no less. They are hoping our vigilance will fail so that they can start another Occupy Wall Street and overthrow the Constitutional order,” Earnest told reporters  at the White House.

The major American media networks, recently consolidated under state control and put under the management of several men with close friendship ties to the president’s administration, have also recently joined the “information war” against dissidents.

A recent NBC Nightly News broadcast aired an investigative piece claiming that Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is working as an agent of the Russian intelligence services. Critics quickly pointed out that the so-called “SVR internal documents,” which purport to show electronic correspondence between Sanders and Russian president Vladimir Putin,” are rife with Russian grammatical and stylistic mistakes. When asked for comment, NBC’s producer told our correspondent that it was the responsibility of the critics to show that the correspondence did not take place. Some supporters of the Obama regime have even suggested that the Russian intelligence agents deliberately put the language mistakes in the document, so that they could claim it was forged.

Martin Galtieri, an expert on America’s military and intelligence establishment, suggests caution when dealing with such rhetoric from the regime.

“Well, you have to remember that the administration often floats these trail balloons to see how people will react,” Galtieri explained. “Even if the president isn’t really behind this sort of rhetoric, it’s in his interest to make the opposition think that there’s greater repression hanging over their heads like the Sword of Damocles.”

In any case, it would appear such tactics are having an effect, as Obama’s approval ratings have skyrocketed in spite of rumors that he might be considering canceling the elections. On the streets of America, polls show little concern over the loss of democracy. The response of Edna Raffery, 72, a florist and former member of her local Tea Party organization in Humble, Texas, might explain why.

“Sure, I have complaints, but now I realize I have to support my president. He needs all the help he can get. Otherwise the Russians will make us all slaves”
UPDATE: It has been brought to our attention that none of this happened, and according to our in-house experts, none of this could even possibly happen in the US.We hope our readers will be happy with this real story instead. 


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      1. gbd_crwx

        Oh, him. Well in his defence his imcompetence brought back democracy in Argentine (while helping the tories in Britain (Which might not be that cool))

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