Passive-Aggressive Empire

Both Putin and Medvedev have promised severe consequences for Turkey over the downing of that Russian Su-24 this week. While Medvedev has made threats about canceling projects and banning businesses, so far we have seen the same old passive aggressive measures we always see from these cretins.

For example, Russia’s consumer watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor just coincidentally “discovered” that imported chicken from Turkey was contaminated with listeria. Hmmm….I”m sure it’s just a coincidence that this discovery was made the day after Turkey shot down a Russian plane. I’m totally sure that had that not happened, the authorities would have stopped those imports because they definitely discovered listeria contamination. Actually I must confess I hope they are making this up, because if not I would not be surprised at all to learn that they were letting contaminated meat products into the country. Maybe we should thank Turkey for that.

Of course the situation with tourism agencies is another matter. It’s not clear whether tour operators are being forced or simply encouraged to stop selling tours to Turkey. Some companies, claiming patriotism but more likely fearful, seem to have voluntarily stopped offering package tours to Turkey. In more tourism-related wackiness, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement to Russian travelers.

“Due to continuing terrorist threats in Turkey, we reiterate our recommendation that Russian citizens refrain from visiting the Republic of Turkey, and we recommend that Russians staying there for personal reasons return home.” 

Ah yes, “continuing terrorist threats.” That’s interesting. Where was that warning over a month ago, when this happened?

This is pretty much par for the course with the Russian authorities. At times they’ll flat out ban things, as with the so-called “counter-sanctions” of foodstuffs imports, but on other occasions Rosselkhoznadzor will suddenly “discover” some problem with imports from a country that just happens to be pissing Russia off the most at the moment. Then people online, possibly paid trolls, will talk about how they showed Poland/Turkey/Ukraine etc. It even happened last year with several McDonald’s restaurants, which were all closed for “sanitation” reasons. If you’re familiar with McDonald’s and other restaurants in Russia, you know why this is bullshit.

So this is the great superpower that Putin raised from its knees. Half the time it can’t even openly levy sanctions on anybody, and when it does it’s laughable because such sanctions typically don’t do any significant damage to the economies of the targeted nations. When Ukraine went Maidan, vatniks laughed about how they were going to freeze in the winter without gas. And like a judge at a chili competition, Ukraine got plenty of gas. The only people who were threatened by lack of gas for heating during the winter were in the rebel-held areas, where they were being “rescued” from the Banderite Nazis by Russia. Today Russia continues to play trade wars with Ukraine, but Ukraine continues to move forward, threatened only by its own homegrown dickheads.

So it shall be with Turkey. The Russian government will wage its passive-aggressive war of unofficial sanctions, typically dressed up as “safety concerns,” and all the while the Russian media will regale the babushkas and the rest of the assorted carpet-on-the-wall types with tales of past victories of the Russian empire against the Ottoman empire. Sadly, none of these people will ever notice the irony- that these historical tales are being told to distract from the fact that the much smaller, NATO member Turkish Republic just gave them a bloody nose and there’s really nothing Tsar Putin can do about it.



12 thoughts on “Passive-Aggressive Empire

  1. Strykr9

    Well, there are two ways for a country to be a superpower, militarily and economically. China and Europe are superpowers because of their economies and the US is a superpower in both categories. I believe some people characterize Russia as a superpower due to its military might and political influence(despite its dismal economy) although I personally disagree and would say that Russia is simply a more powerful regional power.

  2. Henk

    Just because Russia has not reacted in an aggressive way against
    the outrageous shooting down of one of its jets that doesnt mean
    that there will be no big consequences for Turkey.
    Turkey will pay a price for this criminal act.
    And Jim Kovpak you should be ashamed of yourself,making stupid jokes
    while a pilot was murdered by a bunch of terrorist.
    And what is up with all the bullshit whether Russia is a superpower or
    not? Really how old are you, its just ridiculous.
    And you need to learn to deal with the fact that the majority of Russians like
    Putin and think he does a good job,and its irrelevant if you disagree with that.

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      Time for another lesson in logic:

      “Just because Russia has not reacted in an aggressive way against
      the outrageous shooting down of one of its jets that doesnt mean
      that there will be no big consequences for Turkey.
      Turkey will pay a price for this criminal act.”

      Sure. Sure it will. If Turkey is threatened by anyone it is Erdogan himself. He is the Putin of Turkey.

      “while a pilot was murdered by a bunch of terrorist.”

      In my previous article I referred to the killing of that pilot as a war crime. Of course all of this would have been avoidable had:

      1. Russia stayed the fuck out of Syria.

      2. Gone into Syria but actually bombed ISIS instead of everyone but ISIS.

      “And what is up with all the bullshit whether Russia is a superpower or
      not? Really how old are you, its just ridiculous.”

      You might want to ask that question to the Russian ambassador in the UK and the people in the Russian media who are suddenly rehashing all the wars Russia has fought with Turkey going back for centuries.

      “And you need to learn to deal with the fact that the majority of Russians like
      Putin and think he does a good job,and its irrelevant if you disagree with that.”

      Actually it’s irrelevant what they think. A majority of Americans supported the Iraq War at least until late 2004 if not later. They were objectively wrong.

      The majority of Germans supported the Nazis in WWII. They were also wrong.

      The thing is that the opinion of Russians regarding Putin at this point doesn’t matter because they don’t have a competitive political system nor free elections. The people who “approve” of Putin do so because there really is no other option and they’re too cowardly to do anything about it, or they’re too enmeshed in the system of state thievery and want to stay on their gravy train.

  3. TRex

    This will rapidly spin out of control. Putin cannot back down because he is a hard man. Hard as a coffins nail. Hard as… well, you know the speil. And the more he whips up Russian nationalism & rage the more likely he is to turn on those S-400’s heading for Latakia and accidentally paint some American F15s flying out of Incirlik before the S-300 equivalent on board the Moskva cruising just offshore can. Because it’s not like there is any military communication between Turkey & Russia anymore and one F15 looks pretty much like any other, no? If not a surface to air strike it will be one of those Sukhoi SU-30 Flanker C fighter escorts that will be accompanying all future Sukhoi SU-24 Fencer bombing runs. Ah good times, good times!
    Economic sanctions are just meant to get the Russian population ready to accept another enemy of Russia into the pantheon Putin has already created. Get the prols attention and get them focused.
    As an aside It’s been a long while since I heard a NATO jet zipping out of RIX in response to a Russian encroachment on someones soverenignty over here in the Baltics. Maybe Russia doesn’t have the resources or attention span.

    1. worst neighbor ever

      Regarding Baltics – last identification flight was 10 days ago. Also 2 Russian military ships were hanging out for 5 days in LV waters due to bad weather (I don’t know much about sea, but weather wasn’t much different before, during and after the stay).
      So they are still here, maybe less intense and definitely less reported – lots of other, more striking news to fill the headlines.

  4. armoured

    Today I listened to a spokesthingy of the Ministry of tourism explaining how tourists going and spending mo0ney abroad was the same as capital flight (thereby implying it’s anti-patriotic etc and possibly illegal).

    Then an hour later I read that they have decided no visa-free travel for Turks to Russia. And of course, Turks coming here is the exact opposite of Russians going to Turkey – it’s bringing money directly into Russia to spend.

      1. armoured

        Well yes. And the ministers and government are doing everything they can to forget what they knew, too.

  5. Asehpe

    Now, what will the next country be to quibble with Russia? Mogolia? Japan? (Remember the Kuril islands…).

    Funny that we get sometimes many articles about some new country that ‘Russia has managed to lure away from NATO domination’, and sometimes about ‘yet another country that threatens Russian sovereignty’.


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