Getting back to basics

Check out my latest article for Russia! magazine. Why? Because this is one of those times when I got to go back to the roots of what this site was originally supposed to be about- dispelling myths about Russia. A lot of those myths are born when people hear the chatter of expats who might be blind to the privileges they have living in Russia, which in some cases might not be exclusive to Russia in the first place. And let’s face it- why should pampered college students be the only ones allowed to call people out on their “privilege?” I want in too!


2 thoughts on “Getting back to basics

  1. sparafucile

    The ultimate expat privilege, as numerous Russians have pointed out to me over the years, is being able to leave whenever we damn well want to.

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      Indeed. I’m again reminded of that lecture I saw a couple years ago by this incredibly condescending, ridiculously young (given the subject matter) British gentleman. As he casually dismissed each Russian’s complaint with an inaccurate comparison to British society, one asked him if he would trade his British citizenship for Russian citizenship. Naturally he says he would want to keep both, because he “lives between two worlds.” Ah yes…Nice to be able to do that.

      I don’t see why the Kremlin-supporting expats, those who are so sure the West is damaged beyond hope of repair and who fervently want to be Russian, don’t take the ultimate step and just renounce their citizenship.


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