At War with Reality

I’ve taken to saying that Russia has declared war on reality. There can be no more concrete proof than this. I really don’t have much more to say about this. It’s all in the story- a director of a historical archive gets chewed out for pointing out that the entire plot of a WWII film* is basically false, a fact which was originally revealed a few years after the Second World War. Reality is not “patriotic” and therefore it must be rejected.

Never mind the fact that the film depicts the deeds the Soviet Union and not Russia. Never mind the fact that glorification of the Soviet Union is essentially unpatriotic for the Russian Federation, while the latter is unpatriotic from the point of view of the Soviet Union. And let’s just forget about the fact that there are dozens upon dozens of actual, true stories of heroism from the Great Patriotic War which could have been depicted.

On second thought, let them make films about non-existent events instead. I’d rather they do that than fuck up the true history of WWII any more.

*CORRECTION: Due to the mention of the Ministry of Culture I had mistakenly believed that the film had received state funding. In fact, it was apparently crowdfunded.

4 thoughts on “At War with Reality

  1. Shalcker

    Wait, what? Don’t be so quick… “28 Panfilovtsev” was actually crowd-funded, not state-funded…

      1. Shalcker

        They did win some kind of state funding in the end of 2014 (though details on how big it was and how exactly it went are eluding my search skills so far) but they gathered about 20-30 millions of crowd funding and were pretty far into production at that point.

        Obviously people who just want to make “heroic movie about 1941” (they always stated that historical accuracy is good but in the end it’s about heroes, not accuracy) play right into what Medinskiy wants,

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