A 4th of July Message

Here at Russia Without BS, we wish you a happy American Independence Day, and hope that you have lots of safe fun on this holiday weekend. We know Russian patriots like Vladimir Zhirinovsky and possibly Sergei Markov sure did.

Yeah, he does this. I bet his pockets are stuffed with hot dogs too.

Yeah, he does this. I bet his pockets are stuffed with hot dogs too.

But there’s one very serious thing everyone needs to remember this 4th of July, and that is the plague on our great nation that is the state of Missouri. On the eve of the American Civil War, US Army Captain Nathaniel Lyon had no illusions about Missouri. When faced with Missouri state officials who had sympathy toward the Confederacy, Lyon famously responded to their objections and obstinacy with these immortal words:

“Rather than concede to the state of Missouri….the right to dictate to my government in any matter however unimportant, I would see you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and every man, woman, and child in the state dead and buried. This means war.”

With those hallowed words, Captain Lyon redefined what it means to be American- hating the state of Missouri. Yet in the decades since then, many of our fellow Americans have become complacent, and have thus allowed Missouri to continue its existence, thus tarnishing our country’s reputation at home and abroad.

Will this be another generation that idly stands by and lets the state of Missouri drag our great nation down into the abyss? Or will we stand up as one and make Captain Lyon’s dying wish a reality? It’s not too late. If we act now, we can stop the state of Missouri for good as early as 2020, according to the latest estimates.

Don’t stand by and let evil triumph. Don’t remain silent. Take a stand against the state of Missouri while there’s still time!


6 thoughts on “A 4th of July Message

    1. gbd_crwx

      Well since the Virginia Colony originally had a Coast to coast claim, maybe they could take care of it. On the other hand, Virginia is the only state that has been seceded from twice.

  1. Strykr9

    On a side note, I think you should do an article about the upcoming BRICS summit in Ufa concerning the role of Russia in BRICS as well as its respective ties with each of the countries in it.

  2. Callum Carmichael

    I think Canada should annex Missouri. We could deport its entire population to populate Nunavut, and then secure the territory as a forward operating base to snatch up America’s best and brightest when the USA collapses in… whatever year Graham Phillips says it’s going to happen this week.


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