Hell freezes over

What better way to commemorate the US Supreme Court’s decision on same sex marriage than to take a look at the reaction of Russian TV host Dmitry Kiselyov after hearing the news? Man he must have had a field day with this, seeing as how he’s always trying to portray Western society as degenerate and perverse. Listening to him and some other Russian propagandists, you’d think every major street in America has a gay pride parade every weekend. I’m sure he must have blew his top on his last show. Let’s see what he said.

“One of the most controversial conservative pundits in the Russian television, Dmitry Kiselyov, has unexpectedly stated his support for same-sex civil unions.”

HA HA! He- Wait. What? He said what?!

“On his TV show this week, Kiselyov told viewers, “We can manage to make life easier for adults who want—both informally and formally—the responsibility of taking care of each other. In the end, love works wonders, and who’s against that?” Kiselyov also stated plainly, “The LGBT community is a fact.”

What is going on here? Did Victoria Nuland give him a cookie? Did someone put Russophobia drugs in his tea? How did this happen?

All joking aside, I actually commend Kiselyov not only for what he said, but for not using what would have been a perfect opportunity to stoke not only more homophobia, but more anti-American hatred as well. Kiselyov is by no means a little guy, but his position is also another reason why his statement could be considered bold, especially in these times.

Yes, everyone remembers what this man has said before about LGBT people. Yes, he is part of a propaganda machine that will no doubt continue to put out homophobic propaganda to distract from the failures of the corrupt government, but it’s hard to believe that Kiselyov would take such a risk of saying such a thing, especially considering his audience, if he didn’t have some sincere feelings backing those words.

And yes, those words are a far cry from taking a firm stand on equality, but few heterosexual people my age can honestly claim they were for total LGBT equality all their lives. I was raised in a conservative, religious environment. I wasn’t exposed to Westboro Baptist Church-levels of hatred and I never obsessed over the issue, but to say my views were enlightened or progressive would be an utter lie. I harbored negative opinions about gays and their rights in spite of the fact that for many years I lived in a neighborhood with a very large, noticeable gay presence, and I even worked a summer job at a gay-owned business. Years later I would kick myself for being so stupid as to harbor negative thoughts towards people who had never once done anything remotely negative toward me. Looking back it seemed like wanting to see people treated like second-class citizens because they happened to have green eyes or brown hair.

I know I said and wrote a lot of horrible things back in those days and I’d hate to be judged by those words instead of what I believe since I learned the truth about issues like this one. We cannot rule out the possibility that Kiselyov might be going through his own transformation, trying to express a sincere opinion and still remain safe. When it comes from Kiselyov, we should not give into the crushing Russian cynicism and give the man credit, with caution of course.

I have to admit I want to believe he’s being sincere. I want to believe love wins.


4 thoughts on “Hell freezes over

  1. gbd_crwx

    Same same but different; didn’t Dick Cheney, once the 2004-election was won, state that the gay marriage issue wasn’t such a big deal?

  2. Makhno

    Hmm, might be the start of a regime raprochement towards LGBT people in order to make Russia’s “progressive” supporters in the West more at ease with voicing that support, although I’m probably being a bit cynical and possibly uninformed.

    Either way, if it’s a sign of a possible improvement in the way sexual minorities are treated in Russia, whatever the motives, it can only be a good thing.

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      Definitely have to wait and see here. Russia is essentially a right-wing regime in the concrete sense. As such, this kind of advocacy for tolerance of open homosexuals is typically a red line, not to be crossed. Why he apparently crossed it is one hell of a mystery.

  3. Asehpe

    I hope you’re right, Jim. I hope it’s his opinion somehow showing through. But I don’t know — considering the rather hateful things he said about gays, and not so long ago: not like you, years and years in the past, but only a couple of years ago, and in the Russian media… What I’m afraid of is that he was either lying then, or is lying now. That he is simply following orders from up above to say this now, to carry out some policy change or other.

    In a perfect world he would be just telling the truth about his opinion. Hell, in an even more perfect world he would come out as gay, just like Latvian foreign minister Edgars Rinkēvičs.

    But I’m afraid he may be just… carrying out orders.


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