Shifting priorities

This is just a heads up- in recent times, aside from work, there are articles I write for this blog, and then there are articles I write for money. Recently the opportunities for the latter have increased. Therefore, guess which of the two I’m going to be putting more time into.

Initially I was hoping that the blog itself would make enough daily views to get some kind of ad revenue, but I discounted that option a long time ago. If that weren’t the case then yes, I’d put more time into the blog as opposed to freelance writing.

Of course I will continue writing the blog; many publications frown on using terms like “cockbags,” or phrases like “I bet Bellingcat geolocated your mom at work in a truck stop parking lot.” The blog gives me full freedom to vent, even if it doesn’t make money.

Keep watching Russia! Magazine, because I have new stuff coming out there. But soon I should hopefully be publishing work in a new venue as well, and what is more- it won’t all be Russia related. The transition has begun.


4 thoughts on “Shifting priorities

  1. Callum Carmichael

    Massive sadface. Without your articles to keep me busy at work, I’ll have no choice but to go and troll Global Research again. That said, your Russia! articles are great too.

    Have you ever thought about hosting a guest column? You could do it the Russian way and offer your supporters 250-300 roubles to write stuff you agree with.

    Or, to save money, you could do it the REALLY Russian way where you act like you’ll reward people for toiling on your behalf, and then don’t.


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