Calling it

So in case you’re not aware already, there is a mass demonstration taking place in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. The initial cause of the protest was apparently a 16% hike in electricity prices. As was the case with Euromaidan, police cracked down hard on the protesters (actually much faster than they did in Kyiv), which brought more people out today. It is also worth noting that Armenia is a member of the so-called Eurasian Union.

Now that you know the true cause of the protests, sit back and laugh your ass off as pro-Kremlin media and Team Russia bloggers tell you that this is a CIA-financed “color revolution” aimed at wrenching Armenia away from its “brother nation” Russia, which incidentally maintains a military base on its soil and has been making all kinds of deals with genocide-denying Turkey as of late.

Naturally the people can’t be upset about electricity prices. Surely some American funded NGOs are paying them to go out and get hosed down by water cannons! Why can’t they be more like Russians, and just sit tight and grumble at steadily rising prices while calling it “stability?” This is what vatniks and their Western fellow travelers actually believe.

So mark my words- if the protests continue and worsen, Global Research will churn out a long, rambling piece detailing all the clues tying this protest to the CIA.

9 thoughts on “Calling it

  1. armoured

    Particularly since the US Embassy has come out against the government, asking them to … you know … beat slightly less shit out of their own people. Next it’s cookies, then violent overthrow of the regime. QED.

    And of course the ridiculous thing is that probably the first thing the USA, world bank, IMF and others would advise Armenia to do is … raise electricity prices. Since apparently they haven’t been raised in years and years, and they need electricity.

    BTW, it’s worth noting that the Armenian electricity company is owned by RAO UES (or whatever it’s called these days). Giving more reason to consider this ‘anti-Russian’ coordinated efforts or whatever the approved term is these days.

  2. Asehpe

    Oh no — this is part of the work of the shadow world government that about half the Russians either believe in or can’t exclude from the realm of possibilities. The Shadow President wants Armenia, because of its many resources, and will stop at nothing to pry it away from the saving arms of Mother Russia…

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      Well it’s quite simple. If the US gets Armenia, they’ll gain more resource points, specifically 50 metal, 20 oil, and 45 food per turn. This will allow them to build a barracks and war factory on that territory to churn out even more tanks. They already have all of Europe and now most of Ukraine, so that’s a lot of tanks.

      Trust me, I’m a geopolitical expert! This is how it works.

      1. Callum Carmichael

        Global Research hasn’t mentioned it yet, but give them time. A cursory glance at a few mainstream outlets (BBC, CNN, NYT) shows that it isn’t big news in the West yet, and GR won’t atart ranting about it until it is.

        Despite its claims to “tell you the real news that the MSM doesn’t want you to know”, Global Research actually follows the mainstream Western headlines pretty closely. Their stories just lag a few days behind, say, the BBC because writing is hard when you’re a moron.

      2. Jim Kovpak Post author

        I always laugh at the way these “alternative” news outlets are just happy to use “mainstream” news sources if it fits their narrative. And the funniest thing about that is that if their narrative were correct, those stories that go against the grain shouldn’t exist at all.

      3. Callum Carmichael

        When you think about it though, I don’t see how Global research could be any other way and still be profitable. The site survives on donations* and one might assume that lots of these donators live in the West. In order to keep its content relevant, GR pretty much has to discuss stories its audience is aware of. That, plus the fact that it doesn’t really employ any regional specialists (unlesss you count the Sputnik and RT authors it republishes) means that GR is basically a website that survives by pointing at headlines and shouting “PROPAGANDA! CORPORATE PRESSTITUTE MEDIA! JEW… uh… INTERNATIONAL BANKERS!”

        *About those donations. I live in Ottawa, which is where Michel Chussodovsky works, and I have a few connections at his university. Apparently he is much less crazy face to face than in his GR articles, and also lives rather more opulently than one might expect of an economics professor (have yet to confirm personally). One wonders if some of his donators might be rather wealthy. One also wonders where they might live.

    1. Asehpe

      Yeah. I’m surprised they haven’t noticed yet how global warming is a plot by the CIA to force the Russians to give up oil. Or how soccer is all just about forcing Russians to give up hockey — look how the Americans don’t dig it, of course, nobody drinks the poison they themselves secrete.


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