The End

Hey remember how the reason why America’s supposedly trying to crush Russia is to get its sweet, sweet resources? Yeah well…No. The prophesy has been fulfilled- The US has overtaken Russia not only in oil production, but gas production as well.

“U.S. oil production rose to a record last year, gaining 1.6 million barrels a day, according to BP Plc’s Statistical Review of World Energy released on Wednesday. Gas output also climbed, putting America ahead of Russia as a producer of the hydrocarbons combined.”

Go ahead and draw your cartoons with the Russian bear hording his oil and telling Obama off. Go ahead and make jokes about Ukraine’s problems with natural gas. Laugh while you can, because all you unprincipled, submissive, hypocritical “patriots” are basically screwed. The Dear Leader had 15 years to use Russia’s natural resource wealth to diversify the economy and improve infrastructure. Instead the chose to hoard Western luxuries, build palaces, and piss away the rest on boondoggle prestige projects or unrealistic military adventures. Now those triple-digit oil prices are gone and they’re not coming back. All the US has to do now is run out the clock.

Oh yeah, you’re going to team up with China right? Wrong.

“The other major shift BP’s report shows is China’s energy demand growing at the slowest pace since the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s as the economy slows and the country tries to reduce its reliance on heavy industry.

“Growth in some of China’s most energy-intensive sectors, such as steel, iron and cement — which had thrived during China’s rapid industrialization — virtually collapsed in 2014,” said Dale, a former Bank of England chief economist who joined BP last year.”

But don’t worry about China. They’ll pull through. They’ve got this new neo-colony they’ve managed to subdue via loans with strings attached. Among other measures. Oh wait. That’s you. Did you seriously think all this “bear and dragon” nonsense was really going to play out? Don’t you realize how much of China’s economic growth is fueled and dependent on the West, specifically the United States? China lives in the real world, not the fantasy land of “geopolitics.”

Is this unfair? Is this proof of an American conspiracy to subdue Russia? Well excuse me but what should the US do? Should they give Putin and his cronies another 15 years to moderate their kleptomania enough so as to facilitate a more dynamic, diversified economy? American presidents have been promising independence from foreign oil for decades, and now that promise has finally been fulfilled.

Don’t get me wrong, this post isn’t gloating. It’s not about “Ha ha! Russia lost!” I’m the last person to be opposed to the idea of competing against the US on a global scale- but Russia simply isn’t the alternative. It’s like this guy who wants to be a boxer but never trains and eats whatever he wants. Then he gets hammered in the ring every time and I’m supposed to root for him and hate his opponents, those disciplined guys who actually trained? Sorry but no.

In 2014 a lot of people in this country suddenly changed their tune out of fear, perceived necessity, or delusions based on propaganda. I suggest that those people had better wake up and take a whiff of reality real soon. You’re going to need to know what to do when Putin finally runs this country into the ground.

9 thoughts on “The End

  1. Sohryu_L

    >In 2014 a lot of people in this country suddenly changed their tune out of fear, perceived necessity, or delusions based on propaganda.

    Crimea was apparently ‘the dream of their generation’. Or something.

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      I don’t know who called it that, but apparently they just remembered this dream then, in March of 2014. That didn’t stop them from taking their vacations in Turkey, Egypt, Greece, or Barcelona, of course.

      1. Sohryu_L

        It didn’t stop them from bitching ‘you khokhols took away our Crimea!’ for the last, oh, twenty years or so.

        While taking vacations in Turkey.

      2. Sohryu_L

        I think it was Kashin (the man, not the destroyer), but 99% of my (former) Russian acquaintances would say the same.

  2. Strykr9

    I would say a lot of the “China slowdown” is a really exaggerated as the country is simply becoming more developed and GDP growth is starting to slow as they move away from traditional production to startups like Alibaba, DJI and Xiaomi as well as move towards a innovation and finance-oriented society. Despite this, I would say that China plans on making Russia its “backup” or supplementary source of resources while they shift towards nuclear power and signing energy deals with much of the middle east as well as focusing on their own fuel production via the South China Sea. Therefore, Russia should have some sort of reliable financing from China at least for the time being due to their high demand for energy, military co-operation(though China is starting to become much less dependent of Russia in that regard), and the fact that the Chinese would love to keep the America and its allies distracted by a new front.


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