Making vatniks look good

I’m happy to announce that my debut article for Russia! magazine, on the topic of vatnost, has been republished. Unfortunately I’m too swamped to make a proper update today, but I did read a few articles on We Hunted the Mammoth and I wanted to say a couple words about them.

We Hunted the Mammoth is dedicated to monitoring and lampooning the so-called “Men’s Rights” or “Red Pill” movement. More specifically, it often focuses on the more extreme, far more disturbing movement known as “MGTOW” or “Men Going Their Own Way.” Luckily this bullshit hasn’t really caught on in Russia in spite of the already-existing baseline of misogyny in Russian society which is sadly common in many countries. That being said, there is a connecting thread, as the Red Pillers and MGTOW types are often closely connected to the Loser Carousel and sexpat/mail order bride culture.

What I can say about these people is this- Holy…fucking…shit. These “people” are literally among the worst you will ever encounter. They rate somewhere on par with pedophilia advocates. We’re talking about people who can apparently learn about a young woman being brutally murdered and then speculate as to how it was probably her fault. One thing is for sure, it’s always feminism’s fault in every case, no matter how horribly the male in the story was acting.

For any of you guys out there who might encounter these creeps, do not for a second be fooled by their talk of “masculinity” and standing up for the rights of men and boys. These cultists are backbiters who relentlessly attack any man who refuses to join them in their pity party, constantly whining about how terribly women treat them. And the projection! These dudes project so much they ought to open a goddamn IMAX theater.

These people make vatniks look virtuous by comparison. I mean vatniks wish for nuclear war (seemingly unaware that it will kill them too), but wishing death in a nuclear holocaust is a bit different than fantasizing about brutally beating, raping, and/or dismembering women, which seems to be a pretty typical topic for these jerkoffs.

There’s something tragically ironic about “men” complaining about other men today, when if anything, they are examples of the problem with men these days. Baby boomers raised a generation of insanely entitled dickheads and now we’ve got to live with it. Yeah, keep on bashing millennials you self-absorbed post-WWII cocksocks- thanks for ruining the economy and unleashing your special wittle snowfwake crotchfruit on the rest of society.

If any of these types are reading this, before calling me a “mangina,” or “white knight,” your standard go-to insults for any man who is not ridiculous insecure about his masculinity and thus unwilling to join in your little cry-about-women cult, please understand this- Do NOT come to Russia. Tell all your loser friends too. You’re not going to find your sex robot here (yes, apparently some of them actually dream about creating a perfect sex robot). All the things in America you think you’re escaping from will find you in Russia tenfold. You will still be a loser, only a loser with far less money and living in shit weather. Please, stay home. Seal yourself inside your computer room by bricking up the doorway. Those evil women will never get you in there.

35 thoughts on “Making vatniks look good

  1. Sohryu_L

    >Seal yourself inside your computer room by bricking up the doorway

    But this way they will not get cheetos to sustain themselves!

    Also, misogyny in Russia is horrible. Well, actually, misogyny in Ukraine is only slightly less horrible, but well.

      1. Sohryu_L

        Goddamn, EVERYTHING keeps reminding me I should shut up and finish writing that book.

        Even posts like this.

  2. gunlord500

    Epic post, brother.

    I mean vatniks wish for nuclear war

    Oh, the manosphere guys wish for that too. One of their fantasies is that feminism/the welfare state/whatever will eventually lead to a total societal collapse, and when we’re all living in Mad Max world women will finally come crawling back to them because “men are stronger than women!!” It never occurs to them that a bunch of spiteful hermits living alone in cabins will be easy pickings for any kind of mob led by Lord Humongous.

    These cultists are backbiters who relentlessly attack any man who refuses to join them in their pity party, constantly whining about how terribly women treat them.

    This is exactly right. I myself life a relatively “mgtow” life in the sense that I’m happy being single and don’t really want to get married. Is that enough for those kooks? Of course not! I can’t just enjoy a bachelor’s life and spend my time doing fun stuff, I need to spend every fucking second of every fucking day grousing about women, blaming feminism for all my problems (even if I don’t really have any) and masturbating to the “prediction” that society will collapse if all those evil uppity bitches don’t get back in the kitchen (which they suck at anyways, because Men Are Better Than Women, even at making sandwiches!)

    If these guys are gonna call me a “mangina” because I’m not a whiny little bitch, I gotta say, being a mangina doesn’t sound half bad at all.

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      As everyone says- If it’s about going their own way, why don’t they just talk about playing video games, fishing, or all that other supposedly “male” stuff? Nope. It’s all about how women are whores who deserve violence to put them back in their place, and how all men who don’t realize this “truth” are pathetic pussies who are bound to get cuckolded just like th- uh…some other guys the MGTOW’s know.

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      Yes, because they actually think that’s a good movie on which to base a philosophy.

      They believe they’ve found some hidden key to how society really works, and apparently the secret is: “Women are all whorish sluts who won’t have sex with me because they’re too stupid to see how intelligent I am…I mean…Wait no! I get laid all the time! I’ve got game! It’s just that I don’t want to take home some dumb slut, except some nights at the club…GODDAMMIT STOP ASKING QUESTIONS YOU FEMINIZED WHITE KNIGHT!!!”

      BTW- This might seem unrelated to Russia, but apparently pseudointellectual extraordinaire Da Russophile is a fan of Red Pill philosophy and the equally hilarious “neo-reactionary”/”Dark enlightenment” philosophy as well. Somehow he reconciles this with “Putin’s conservatism”(which he loves because he doesn’t have to live in Russia and experience the consequences of this hypocritical bullshit), and the Orthodox church(of which he considers himself a member despite his “gnostic” views and their lack of knowledge about his membership).

      1. gbd_crwx

        And men going their own way, do they really go their own way, or are they just talking about it?

      2. gbd_crwx

        Stop measuring the size of your Vatniks 😉
        Anyway, this mammoth-site, one part of me thinks it good some truly horrible stuff gets outed, another parts thinks it bad kicking someone already down

      3. Estragon

        Actually I’m a long-time fan of Da Russophile blog, because it is data-driven and does a good job of refuting the myths put out by Western media. Otherwise I don’t care what color pills he’s taking, or what church he’s not going to.

      4. Jim Kovpak Post author

        It seems to me he mostly goes after low-hanging fruit like Paul Goble or Applebaum.

        My problem with him is that he pretends to be objective yet in the same breath he acknowledges that he’s biased in favor of Putin.

        More ridiculous is his constant use of ridiculous strawmen against different Russia watchers, which always just happens to be aimed at Putin-critics. He accuses them of hating Russia and thinking the West is perfect. That’s really rich considering how he apparently prefers the West, specifically the West Coast, to Russia.

        I’ve also never seen him rip into a Kremlin fan, which shows that he isn’t just some dispassionate observer trying to balance out both sides. The fact that he actually takes people like The Saker or Dugin seriously says a lot.

        If you want data-driven facts, there’s no substitute for Mark Adomanis.

  3. Bandersnatch

    Really quickly about the men’s rights people…they are obviously not for men’s rights since they never talk about Black men or gay men, two particularly disenfranchised groups. They are obviously a white boys club of sad pants losers.

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      Apart from that, they have literally never attempted to actually advance men’s rights even in the issues they claim to care about, such as father’s rights. They have not lifted a finger to create any legislation, nor have they lobbied any public officials on these issues.

      1. gbd_crwx

        I think you are on to something ther Jim. They usually notice some small flaw in some argument and use it as a proof that the whole feminist thing is flawed and men have it worse.

        (actually I think with that attitude, they actually hurt their cause.You might argue there are some feminists that are a bit abrasive in the “boys are stupid throw rocks at them”-type, but the MRA-response usually is so over the top that it disqualifies their original point (and might also pull down any legitimate response with it))

        I wonder if calling them sad sack losers will help that much though. Some are probably so far down on the dark side they can’t be saved, but for those on the fence name-calling might be counterproductive.

      2. Jim Kovpak Post author

        Oh there are definitely problems with feminism, or better said the underlying theories behind identity politics as a whole, but the worst thing about the backlash culture is that we never get to have that debate because legions of these jackasses storm in first with death threats and rape threats.

        Take Anita Sarkeesian, for example. Sarkeesian is pretty mild when it comes to feminism, I think. I’ve watched her videos on movies and video games and yeah, there’s more than a few things she’s said that I’d highly dispute. I’d love to discuss these objections with her or her fans in a civil manner, but we can’t have that discussion because a bunch of over-emotional, self-entitled dickheads decided that she was going to ruin their vidya gamez. Hence the death threats, rape threats, stalking, etc. In fact that’s what made her kickstarter skyrocket into a 6-digit figure.

        if they had left her alone, not only would there have been a real debate, but I’m thinking she probably never would have become so famous at all.

      3. Asehpe

        Indeed, I agree. There are problems with feminism (and I’d go further than you: not only with identity politics, but with social activism in general, as it is currently practiced, both left- and right-wing), and these guys simply make it impossible to actually have a good discussion about the topic with their poison-the-well attitude. It’s all or nothing with them: since there are things that are wrong in feminism, therefore there can be nothing that is right with it.

        I once chatted for a while with a MR activist who had this to say on these guys: ‘yeah, I know them — they’re all “women suck”. Well, if all I had to say and to was to sit around and write “women suck” all day, I’d be losing my time, not only because this is not true — women, as a gender, don’t suck — but because I wouldn’t be working for the causes I care about, such as father’s rights”.

      4. Jim Kovpak Post author

        “… I wouldn’t be working for the causes I care about, such as father’s rights”.

        WORK?! NO! Don’t take the blue pill! Responsibility is a tool of the gynocracy!!!

  4. Estragon

    Re: “My problem with him is that he pretends to be objective yet in the same breath he acknowledges that he’s biased in favor of Putin”

    I don’t see this as a problem. I think it’s not a contradiction to be upfront about your biases, while also trying to be as objective as possible. It is preferable to having a bias and hiding it, IMHO.

    I like Adomanis also, even though he often makes dubious comments. I haven’t found a “perfect” Russia watcher, and I don’t expect to.

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      But would you agree that his stawman tactics against writers like Ioffe or Gessen are incredibly dishonest, right? I mean for one thing, Ioffe obviously doesn’t think the US is perfect since she spends half her time writing about problems like police brutality in Baltimore and similar topics. Also I think it’s clear that his “you hate Russia” schtick is leveled at anyone criticizing the Kremlin’s policies.

      Beyond that, he talks about Kremlin fanatics, but I’ve never seen him come up with an example and go after them the way he does with “anti-Russian” people.

      1. Jim Kovpak Post author

        Some of the things he says Putin did “right” are in fact what he did wrong. Besides, this was written in 2011. Even I was pretty easy on Putin at the time, if only because I was still thinking of 2006-2010, when things were more or less good and the government had this “do whatever the fuck you want” attitude. Of course I’ll extend that courtesy to Antoliy in this case, as he might have been under the same influence.

        But in general I think it all boils down to the fact that he doesn’t have to see the reality of Putin’s mismanagement on a daily basis. He can be honest by posting those negative statistics and whatnot, but it’s quite another thing when you hear the stories every day or see the cumulative effect they have.

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      I will say one good thing about both Anatoly and Adomanis(whom I’ve been pretty much behind from the beginning)- The whole “dying Russia” thing really isn’t cutting it. Yes, the demographic statistics are worrying, but not exactly critical. I think the more pressing problem is the coming political collapse and what they will inevitably do to demographic trends.

  5. Gary

    Sometimes I have to seriously wonder about these losers. They sound identical to dead beat men you meet in the real world that blame a woman in their lives on everything wrong with their world, and they have a self awareness to take responsibility for their actions whatsoever. These men have serious mental issues and don’t even care since nothing is ever their fault

    The non-stop complaining about women, makes me question if they have anything else in common besides whining about women. Do they have hobbies, or enjoy something to do for a living? From their own admission their life goal is just to get laid and complaining about women. I would think they would get bored with themselves and move on with life.

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      This is something of a mystery, but I wouldn’t rule out mental illness, given the prevalence of bizarre conspiracy theories and delusions of persecution you see in some of their movements (Gamergate was a perfect example).

      The internet allows people who might otherwise remain isolated to find each other and form an echo chamber.


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