Missing the point.

No doubt the wave of buttfury has already broke in response to news that the US is mulling the idea of returning heavy armor units to Europe, and possibly deploying them in Eastern Europe. The Russian press will be crowing about how the Dear Leader has been vindicated and how Russia is indeed under siege. The pro-Kremlin dupes and “realists” in the West will lament over this “escalation.”

What none of these morons and propagandists will note, however, is the fact that the US didn’t have these forces in Europe until recently. In fact, the US military presence in Europe, until Putin started his little adventure, was nothing but a shadow of its Cold War self. See the figures for yourself, cited in this article. Keep in mind that all throughout this period, the Russian government and their propaganda hacks were screaming about “NATO encirclement” and using this to justify their own military interventions or foreign bases (yes, little edgy leftist, Russia has bases on foreign soil too).

Some might say that this escalation will help Putin, because now he’ll be able to point to a “real” threat. I dismiss this argument, on the grounds that even when the threat was a fantasy, the Putin regime played it up as though it were real. If they’re going to scream about “NATO encirclement” and military threats, they might as well actually exist.

This is what Putin wanted, now he’s got it. All that’s necessary to do now is wait for him and his circle of morons to bankrupt and loot their own country and finally get killed by an angry lynch mob who believes that they are traitorous “CIA agents” or some such conspiratorial nonsense that was ironically cultivated by the Russian state media.

Then the whole cycle will start again- the Russian people will trade their freedom to another con-man thief who appears to be strong and who promises order and a renewed empire. Only this time it will be worse off so that “new Cold War” will be even shorter and even more pathetic.

And of course no matter how much worse it gets for Russia, and how weak Russia gets, Ukrainians will still scream about how Russia is ruling them like a colonial master and how it is still orchestrating a worldwide conspiracy to slander and denigrate the poor unsung heroes of the OUN and UPA- the only tolerant, liberal democratic nationalist movement in all of Eastern and Central Europe during the WWII era.

7 thoughts on “Missing the point.

  1. Armands Bekmanis

    Thus ends with finality, any vestige of the post-Cold War cooperation with Russia, a nation run by an imperialist thug who laughably still refers to his Western enemies as “partner”, as if that mindset had any currency still.

    Gaze upon thy works, Putinistas. This.Is.Your.Fault. Let’s roll back the headline to pre-Ukraine crisis, January 2014.
    ”The US military said Thursday it will close a major air base in Britain and withdraw from 14 other installations across Europe as part of a reorganization of forces to save money.

    The “consolidation” will save the US government about $500 million a year and not diminish American military power, Pentagon officials said, but the move prompted disappointment in Britain and anger in Portugal over the potential economic effect of the scaled-back presence. ”

    My, my my, how things have changed. So US goes from cutting the foot print to expanding it in 18 months. This is a situation that Vladmir Putin made possible and they – vatniks – supported. I truly hope Crimea was worth it. The US was headed to the door, for good, in coming years. And like an impatient child Putin made a land grab for a strategically worthless penninsula that caused the country that Russia wanted out of Europe for decades, to do a one 180 on their plans.

    Like, one can be forgiven for thinking that in fact, Putin doesn’t want the US to leave Europe. No one was more helpful to, and I quote Julianne Smith, a former defense and White House official who is now a senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security, the cause of “taking NATO back to the future”, than Vladmir Putin. He is the author of the US moving heavy weapons eastward.

    Next up: let’s see if the US moves nuclear armed Tomahawk cruise missiles back into Europe as well, as a response to Russia’s INF Treaty violations, which as I’ve said on many occasions, is a much bigger deal than anything involving Ukraine even if it is less dramatic.

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      This ought to be a blog post in itself.

      I have believed for some time that Putin does indeed want the US to come back. He needs the antagonistic relationship for the West to be real, which just shows you what a sack of shit he is because the only successes he can boast go back to the era when he was falling all over himself to court Europe and investment from both the EU and US. That was one of his fatal flaws- he could never truly take credit for his real successes like attracting foreign investment and opening Russia up to the world- because his base of xenophobic, backward fuckheads all hate those things(mainly because they can’t directly benefit from them).

      I don’t think the US will be threatening them with more nukes though. That’s a very Russian thing. Vatniks hate the world so much they’re willing to destroy it just to compensate for the fact that they can’t make a positive contribution.

      In the US, people who talk about nuking Russia are looked at as yahoos and are mostly regulated to Fox News and the conservative blogosphere. What is more, those people are always talking about nuking everybody over the slightest thing, so there’d be nothing special if they were talking about Russia right now.

  2. Sohryu_L

    >And of course no matter how much worse it gets for Russia, and how weak Russia gets, Ukrainians will still scream about how Russia is ruling them like a colonial master and how it is still orchestrating a worldwide conspiracy to slander and denigrate the poor unsung heroes of the OUN and UPA- the only tolerant, liberal democratic nationalist movement in all of Eastern and Central Europe during the WWII era.

    These Ukrainians don’t think OUN was liberal democratic.

    In fact, these Ukrainians are so similar to their Russian counterparts that it’s downright alarming. Gotta write a post about that, too.

  3. Dan

    The stupidity of Putin’s Ukraine adventure is that it was always going to drive Eastern Europeans, especially Ukrainians, further towards the Western alliance. A lot of Ukrainians must look at this and think “if only we’d been allowed to join NATO in 2008 we’d be at peace today..”

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      I wouldn’t rule out that Putin is secretly hoping for that. All he believes in is his own survival. This helps him excuse ever stricter crackdowns on his population.

  4. Paul Canning (@pauloCanning)

    Personally I find the nuclear sabre rattling from Moscow terrifying. I agree with Armands Bekmanis that the withdrawal from longstanding de-nuclearisation is a ‘big deal’. Did not Putin himself ‘joke’ about it?

    It is unclear to me why anyone who even raises the possibility that Russia could use nuclear weapons is dismissed as a crank. Where exactly is the point we reach where the possibility should be considered?

    Also, here is someone else I follow writing *one year ago about Eastern European defence:

    ” if the Atlantic Alliance, with its twenty-eight countries – many of which on a per capita basis are among the wealthiest and most comfortable on earth – cannot find a few thousand troops for this vital mission, one must ask what NATO is for any longer.”

    1. gbd_crwx

      Yes I agree, I think this was one of the better things of the 90-ies and 00-ies, not having to see Russia as a threat


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