WTF America?!

Well lucky me, I’ve got another post I was compelled to write which I can cite the next time a vatnik or an American vatnik wannabe leaves a comment asking: “WHY DON’T YOU WRITE ANYTHING ABOUT THE WEST?!” Prepare yourself to watch the most shameful video in recent American history.

Did you catch that tactical roll? Look at this shit:



That there is a grown man, an experienced law enforcement officer, acting like he’s in a John Woo film at a pool party for teenagers. How did this “man” ever manage to make it through police academy? I’ve said it plenty of times- police recruitment and selection needs to be a lot harder in order to weed out fantasizers and adult children like this. This isn’t something you can skimp on.

Of course, as with every incident like this, it just gets worse and worse. At least in this case nobody was killed or seriously injured, but as always, white America comes to the cop’s rescue. “They should have done what they’re told. Cops have a tough job. Where are the parents? I crush caterpillar skulls between two plush bears while a kazoo band plays Billy Joel’s greatest hits. Durp da derp de durpity do.” If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it all.

As if that weren’t enough, on my own I’ve found that we’ve actually reached Russia-level bullshit on this, complete with a fake claim from a “resident in the neighborhood” on par with something you’d expect out of St. Petersburg’s troll factory. Check it out:

“Yes, hello, is this bullshit? I just thought I’d give you a call…”

Note that it had 333 likes at that moment. I wasn’t surprised at all. As soon as this story broke, hundreds of thousands if not millions of people had already made up their mind that the cops were right, and the teenagers were wrong. At least 333 of them saw this bullshit comment, composed of all the right stereotypes, and gave their sign of approval in exchange for having their prejudices confirmed.

Here’s what the host of the party had to say about the events:

And then you have the guy who shot the video.

I realize they’re young, but we have a pretty lengthy video and I’m more inclined to believe them over an anonymous “resident of the neighborhood’s” statement posted by someone on Facebook.

I’ve said before that for my wife and I living indefinitely in Russia just isn’t an option (nor would I want to, at this point), but the US is far from my first choice and this is one of the reasons for that. It’s not just that we let adult boys become cops so they can live out their fantasies of heroics while wielding firearms. It’s the constant, vatnik-like support of the police, which now apparently includes making shit up to justify their actions.

It is a goddamned miracle that nobody got shot by this lunatic with a badge. Get your shit together, America, before the red, white, and blue starts looking more like the white, blue, and red.

6 thoughts on “WTF America?!

  1. jon

    What about police brutality in Russia? Have you seen what they do to central Asians there? Putin is in no hurry to change that though…. we saw what he did in Chechnya…. faking an apartment block bombing as a pretext to kill tens of thousand of innocent civilians.

      1. gbd_crwx

        Yes, a clear case of whataboutery, trying to change the talking point from American imperialism and the unlawful annexation of Texas and Upper California, led by foreign agents like Igor Grel..I mean Crocket, and those sanctions on the US should not be lifted until they return those lands to Mexico.

        But on a serious note, is there some kind of Ststaewide/nationwide standard for police forces or is it just handled on county basis?

  2. Paul Canning (@pauloCanning)

    Charles Johnson is good at documenting the Looney Tunes bubble’s reaction to events like these, see

    Plenty of grifters out there catering to the racists.

    He also has a post showing how the racists dealt with blacks daring to use swimming pools half a century ago

    I see they made Officer Casebolt resign. Can’t say I’m entirely comfortable with the pile on to the white woman who supposedly started it all by racially abusing teenagers. Calls for her to be sacked and she’s been put on leave.

    Is good that mobile phone footage and the Internet can pressure recalcitrant police departments. Not so sure when it is tracking down one citizen, even if she’s done something racist, and their day job.


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