Open for business

After a lot of discussion, I’ve decided to leave the blog open while I handle some business. When I closed it, I did not mean to imply that I was quitting (which is why I was active on Twitter and the FB page remained up); I just have to take a break and I was and still am considering some kind of re-branding.

While I had initially planned to leave the blog closed for a longer period of time, I had no intention of quitting writing altogether. In fact, while you may not see many new posts here or a while, it will only be because I am busy working on articles which will be published elsewhere. This process would have continued just the same had I left the blog closed. Thus you may rest assured that one way or another, my findings and experiences in Ukraine will be published.

In the mean time, I’d like to leave you with two articles I think everyone needs to read.  The first is this beautiful piece of satire from none other than The Moscow Times. I don’t want to steal any credit from the talented authors who created this dead-on parody, but I’d like to think that this blog might have helped inspire the decision to write and run it.

The second is from my good friend at Russian Avos, and it is also about Russia’s hockey woes. But what makes this article so brilliant is that it so perfectly juxtaposes the fantasy world version of Russia created by the Kremlin and its media to the real world that everyone else can see. In the fantasy version, Russia is a rising superpower and Putin is a brilliant strategist. In the real world, Russia continually loses, Putin is a short, soft-spoken, indecisive man, rockets fall out of the sky, hockey teams get slaughtered, and pretenses of moral values are shattered by near-elderly men marrying 17-year-olds and scantily-clad twerking teenagers.  Looking at these two, the fantasy and reality, in parallel is what makes this article so compelling, and so important for people to read if they want to understand what’s going on with Russia.

Till my next post, make no mistake- if I go I won’t go quietly. Russia Without BS isn’t going to just up and disappear one day.

Lastly, I want to thank all the people who expressed their interest and support in this project of mine. I sincerely apologize for any scare I might have caused you with my admittedly abrupt actions. I feel that as we get to know each other better, and as I published my experiences in Ukraine, the readers will understand my hasty actions without any need for further explanation.


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