The Russia Watcher’s Lament

Sometimes it’s the vertical. Sovereign democracy.

Sometimes it’s hybrid warfare. Information war, an assault on truth.

Sometimes it’s endless speculation over drinks with your colleague, mapping out the structure of power.

Sometimes it’s oil prices, fracking, capital flight, sanctions, and demographics.

Sometimes it’s arm chair generalship, re-fighting battles between Ukraine and Russia.

Sometimes it’s finding the best historical analogy with which to understand the present.

Sometimes it’s memorizing the names of ministers, Duma members,  and manufactured celebrities.

Sometimes it’s watching Putin’s statements and trying to separate coded language and meaning from political boilerplate.

It’s intellectually stimulating.

It’s challenging.

It’s nerve-wracking.

Analyzing Russia.

Some days it’s a thrill.

And then again…

There are some days…

When it’s just this-


6 thoughts on “The Russia Watcher’s Lament

  1. Gautama

    This is the biggest irony of our orthodox caliphate. They hunt Gays and think that just hating Gays is making them morally superior even when abortion rates are still highest in Russia and even when Russia women are extremely liberal towards sex . This is one of the reason why i as man of partially Russian ancestry often feel uncomfortable with admitting my Russian ancestry to others because they will associate me with Alcoholics and Prostitutes. But to hear from Russian vatniks that Russia is the bastion of traditional values is just bizarre for everyone who was there and has contact with Russians. But hunting Gays is so “funny” and much easier than to fight against alcoholism and than to convince your daughters to practice endogamy.

  2. beelza

    These commentaries are bloody brilliant. Sarcasm, inconvienent irony, facts and truths which are incising insults b/c they have a singular audience and are true, these describe the proper way to unmask the Vatnik.

  3. artmoscow

    Watching some countries can give you headaches, nightmares, giggles, raised eyebrows, and an occasional dropped jaw. Watching Russia is capable of giving the observer all of the above, nicely compacted, and sometimes in a way that make you feel slightly abused )


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