So I am moved and the internet is almost back up and running. I have some major articles planned for the next few days, but at the moment I’m still reeling from a recent send off of a good friend, during which I believe at some point I was actually partially made of wine.

Luckily, I happened across this excellent article from the academic David Marples on the new idiotic law that has been proposed in the Ukrainian Rada. From my past reading of his work, my views tended to clash with those of Marples. Here, I have to say however, I am totally on the same page.

3 thoughts on “Update

  1. Asehpe

    I blame Putin and his illbegotten invasion. This heightens the tensions and opinions, and now suddenly you ‘HAVE’ to defend Stepan Bandera (because Putin doesn’t like him and is calling all Maidan supporters Banderovtsy anyway…). Many Ukrainians who would have been much more nuanced a mere two or three years ago now are now Bandera defenders — because it’s one way to annoy Putin besides singing Putin Xuylo at full volume…

  2. Asehpe


    But, you see, it’s also hard to avoid. When the enemy is at the gate, it’s difficult to talk about \ways in which you might be wrong and the enemy right — you, ahn, need to concentrate on defending yourself.

    Perhaps the greatest cognitive crime of war is that it forces you to oversimplify things, just to stay sane and functional. It turns people who are, well, people into oversimplifying machines — or else you lose the stamina for the fight. There’s a reason why generals don’t want their soldiers discussing the finer details of diplomacy, but rather shooting ‘those damn MFs!’ and charging at them with all they’ve got.


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