Short update

I apologize for the scarcity of updates lately. No, I haven’t been deported or arrested. At the moment I am going through the living hell that is trying to find a new flat in Moscow. Let me clarify that. Trying to find a new flat and not get scammed or ripped off. Rest assured I’ll be writing in more detail about that later on.

In any case, I am also working on some professional pieces so when I’m not agonizing over the flat issue I’m working on this other piece. Obviously once we find a place there will be some hassle moving in, and there are some other issues I’ll be busy with, but once those are worked out I’ll be free to update more often.

In other news, depending on an upcoming job I’ve been contemplating a short trip in early May, either to London or to Ukraine. In the case of the latter, I’d like to get around more and see some other cities besides Kyiv. If I do decide to go to Ukraine, it will most likely be my final trip there, a sort of farewell to the country I watched for so long with such great interest. Truly I missed the boat that time.

Obviously in that case I will write at length about my observations and conclusions. As for London well, unless something particularly amusing happens don’t count on it. For me the UK is like a total escape from the tragedies of eastern Europe.


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