Breaking the Stupidity Barrier

So one year later, the Crimea is now a police state like the rest of Russia. There are plenty of articles you can read on the subject, but I think this one by anti-dill crusader Shaun Walker covers it pretty well for the purposes of my own commentary on the topic. I chose it because Walker highlighted a key incident from the recent trial of three men  who were arrested for publicly celebrating the birthday of the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko.

“During the trial, the Ukrainian flag was described as “extremist”, “provocative” and “forbidden” by police witnesses. In her verdicts, Urzhumova said that, as Ukraine had not existed as a state at the time Shevchenko wrote poetry, the Ukrainian flag could not have any link to him.”

Let me start backwards by addressing the point about the Ukrainian flag. Russia is a country that can’t shut the fuck up about the Second World War, and yet Russia didn’t exist as a state when the Nazis surrendered in 1945. Therefore the Russian flag and in fact Russia can have nothing to do with Victory Day. I could continue with dozens of examples, but I think it’s perfectly clear how insanely idiotic the Russian government and its judicial system are from that example alone.

To address the first point, I want to issue a challenge. All you RT fans. All you Chomskyites and Pilger readers. You have been made aware that three people were arrested and sentenced for holding the flag of a recognized state, a state which is not officially at war with Russia, according to Russian leaders’ own strenuous insistence. Below you can even witness what happened at the event. Note that some people who appear to be part of the Ukrainian celebration are holding Russian flags too.

Now considering what happened and what you witnessed, please explain to me how there’s no free speech in the West, or how it’s no better in America. Please tell me about how oppressed you are under Obama’s police state. There are plenty of things to protest in the West, and you have far more right to protest them. So get out into the streets and fight, but don’t give me a load of shit about how Russia’s no worse.

Walker also recounts Putin’s appearance in a long documentary about the annexation of the Crimea, admitting that he and his government planned it themselves as opposed to the lie about responding to the wishes of the Crimean people. Putin also said in the documentary that he was prepared to use nuclear weapons in case the annexation didn’t work out well. Yup, he was ready to murder millions of people in case there was resistance to his illegal annexation of a resort area. Think that’s bad enough? Well as my friend at Russian Avos points out, Putin probably never considered using nukes over Crimea; he just said that for the domestic audience. In other words, millions of Russians think it’s okay to murder millions of people and render untold square miles of Europe uninhabitable because Crimea is “theirs.”

Think that’s an exaggeration? Recently a friend of mine told me how he asked a student if they felt that 6,000 lives was a good price for the Crimea. She answered that it was worth it, because “the Crimea is Russian.” Keep in mind that many of the people who think this way have never been to Crimea. Many had no plans to visit. Many cannot visit the Crimea. Whatever the case, prior to the annexation all a Russian citizen had to do if they wanted to visit the Crimea was take their domestic passport. Their domestic passport. In other words, visiting Crimea for a Russian citizen was like someone from Minnesota driving down to Arizona for the winter.  But that wasn’t “theirs.” Now it’s “theirs,” even if they can’t afford to go there or don’t even want to.

In any case, Russia has decided to declare war on reality, and as history has proven numerous times, reality will win.

14 thoughts on “Breaking the Stupidity Barrier

  1. Paul Canning (@pauloCanning)

    The thing that f***s me right off about the likes of Pilger and Chomsky and many other so called lefties is how they blatantly ignore their supposed ideological fellow travellers in Ukraine! (And Russia for that matter). You will never, ever see the views of actual Ukrainian socialists (or anarchists) promoted or even asked for.

    To me this is the biggest damnation of them because it trashes solidarity and solidarity is basic to being any sort of lefty.

    I pinged this at you before > The people these A*holes are backing are banning independent trade unions!

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      Ignore is the right word- they act as if they don’t exist at all. I can understand having a line dispute with some party or group of parties, but in that case you at least acknowledge their existence.

  2. Asehpe

    I suppose the “need” to oppose American policy makes these people do very simple equations: Obama says ‘good’ = I say ‘bad’. Four legs good, two legs bad.

      1. Chukuriuk

        BTW, on this perennial issue, here is a good outline of Putin’s liberal-statist economic policy (from the left):

        “Both aspects of Putinism’s economic policies – the liberalising thrust and its apparent statism – share a respect for private profit-making: a commitment to the capitalist model put in place during the 1990s. Despite vowing in 2000 that the oligarchs would ‘cease to exist as a class’, Putin presided over a massive expansion in their ranks: no Russians made the 2000 Forbes list of billionaires, 87 did in 2007, and 111 in 2014. Vast inequalities have been a constant feature under Putin, as the disparities in income and wealth that emerged in the 1990s were consolidated and deepened in the 2000s.”

  3. TimT

    I am a Finn and follow news about Russia quite intensely. Criminals are running Russia today. It felts like something out of Tom Clancy’s novels. Russia the bad, rogue nation.

    I fear what will happen in upcoming years. Russian economy is on the verge of economic collapse while Putin is acting all smug like there is nothing to be worry about. During this economic crisis he just disappeared for a week without giving any explanations!

    He feels like Russians are his personal, obedient little pets and he does not need to explain his own actions to those stupid pets. What is even worse, he is putting more and more money to military while everything else is left undone or downsized.

    This is many ways much worse than Soviet Union in the past. At least with those guys you could deal with it and predict what the leadership would do but not with Putin. He is an unpredictable greedy snake, willing to strike at any moment.

    What happens if and when his leadership is challenged at some point in the future? He had no problems of throwing Ukraine under the bus during good times. His actions could be much worse under stress and during bad times.

    What is even worse he does not really think long term consequences. Any half-decent strategist would have told Putin, do not invade Crimea and parts of Ukraine. Almost no upsides and a long list of downsides. He did it anyway.

    The predictable consequence was that the mutually very beneficial cooperation with the West collapsed and now Russia is a pariah state. Russian oil industry alone relies almost completely on spare parts and products from the West. The oil production is predicted to take quite a hit soon, on top of the cheap oil prices.

    Instead of admitting his mistakes he just orders more large and costly military exercises! He does not have a fucking clue what is about to hit Russia soon. This year they could manage to muddle through by burning through Russian government savings but then what?

    He has said, this will only last two years. Almost half of that already gone. Then he obviously expects the oil prices will skyrocket again, saving the economy just in time. That is his all-in bet!

    Meanwhile, Russian oil&gas industry is losing customers like the Baltic States with their new LNG port terminals and deals with Norway and others. I’d bet even Germans, the golden customers of Russia, are thinking ways to reduce the gas flow from Russia. It is all bad news and this is just the beginning.

    I fully expect the Russian unemployment to start rising fast this year and then it could continue rising for years to come. Finland experienced an economic depression, starting from 1991 and it continued until 1995. Only heavily borrowing from abroad by the government saved the economy and the rise of Nokia. They even went as far as to Japan to borrow money! It was that desperate.

    Russia does not have that borrowing option after the savings are gone. China is not exactly very interested in loaning to Russia massively. All they could do is to print money and that leads to hyperinflation.

    The key question is what will Russians do when the economic chaos hits? Today many of them seem to think, “Putin will save the day, he will fix this”. It is entirely different matter when the unemployment hits home and families have trouble paying even the most basic monthly bills like heating and electricity.

    The future of Russia looks so grim it cannot get any grimmer! And then it somehow still got worse…

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      I can tell you what Russians will do when the chaos returns. They will blame America, the Jews, the Chechens, the Ukrainians, the Masons, the reptiloids from the planet Nibiru, etc.

      Meanwhile clever ones will scramble about, stealing as much as they can get their hands on. Some will go after the state-run enterprises. Eventually some military or FSB man will promise the people that he will give them a great empire in exchange for their personal freedom and the right to choose their leaders according to law. They will graciously accept and eagerly await the new Dear Leader’s precious “stability.”

      Then the same shit will happen over and over again. I guarantee you if Russia were reduced to nothing but Moscow and the Moscow oblast, that’s how things would play out.

  4. Paul Canning (@pauloCanning)

    It’s a few months off but when the MH17 report comes out blaming Russia that will be an huge moment of decision for the Western Putin fans. Never mind Milne, what will Tsipras or Nigel Farage or Steinmeier say to the Dutch (and Malaysians and Aussies)? ‘Forget it’? ‘Your investigators lie’? ‘We trust RT’?

  5. TimT

    “Ole ole ole! Crimea is ours. Now give us Poland and Finland”. That was shouted in the arranged one year Crimea party in Moscow, Putin as speaker. Sure as hell was not some spontaneous crowd reaction but very much a deliberate act.

    This is big news in Finland. Jay-sus, Russians are really going to the deep end. Russians living in Finland are saying they receive sometimes phone calls from relatives in Russia who quite seriously ask are the Finns taking by force their kids away! We heard in the news again!

    This is fucking madness. The most helpful and peaceful neighbour of Russia has been Finland since WWII. We helped them a lot during the 90’s and this fucking aggressive crap is the thanks we are getting?!

    I am pretty sure this is leading to very big war later this decade. No wonder Finnish defence forces are buying more and more all kinds of weapons from NATO countries.

    With economy collapsing Putin only has one choice in order to stay in power, stoke the fires of Russian patriotism big time.

  6. bor

    I’ve been warring with the PutlerBots for a year now. This article, this blog, have been PRECISELY the required weapon to shut them up. Nicely done indeed! Prepare for a KremlinBot invasion b/c I’ve used this article (cited properly and with all due credit given to you) at a few of the worlds biggest threads, forums.

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      Obviously I can’t stop you, but it’s really better not to cite this page on places like 4chan, if that’s what you’re referring to. Those people really have no beliefs or values of any sort. It’s just nihilistic, hyper-alienated youth. I don’t know why anyone would go there and try to reason with them,

  7. Asehpe

    Indeed. The Finns are in a hot spot. They used to be Russia’s pals (even recently — I remember how Tarja Halonen and Medvedev were pals, even exchanging favorite rock songs, much to the astonishment of the Estonians, who, in Toomas Ilves’ words, were still ‘traumatized by four decades of life in the Soviet Union”). But now, that Russia has gone xenophobic, even the Finns are bad (remember the Winter War!)

    But there won’t be overt confrontations. I think what should be expected is more and more spy and covert operations, plus support for whatever extremist groups are more damaging to the political system of Western countries. The Russians would much rather see Charlie Hebdo happening again and again than actually invade anyone — their army is still too bad for that.


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