Christmas in March

So as it turns out, RT “writer” Robert Bridge is a bit upset over my recent article about vatnost. He’s promised a “response,” which I’m told should take several days to complete. Having read his past detective work on 9-11 and his totally not creepy “guide” to Russian women, this should be good. There’s nothing better than a person who is totally oblivious to their own failure attempting to lash out at you. If he actually follows through, this will be hilarious.


2 thoughts on “Christmas in March

  1. Estragon

    I predict he will argue that America has its own version of vatniks, so it’s unfair to criticize Russia on this. However, if he is truly skilled in the art of post-Soviet information war, he will come up with something like 1) vatniks don’t exist; 2) they do exist, but there is good reason for them; and 3) my vatnik can beat up your vatnik, all in the same article.

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      I’ve already got a Robert Bridge bingo card. Expect him to go way off topic with various conspiracy theories from Infowars. Also expect him to continue to try to talk down to me and act like I live in some high rise apartment in Moscow watching CNN in English.

      Indeed, Bridge has spent a lot more time in Russia than I, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find that he has less varied experience here, and I happen to know that he can barely speak Russian in spite of all his time here.

      I also know a lot of other things about Bridge which essentially make it impossible for him to ever insult me. It’s really foolish to get into a fight with someone you know nothing about, when he knows so much about you.


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