Many paths to the truth

So the Russian press, the Kremlin, various pro-government organizations, and the Investigative Committee are all throwing out wild theories about Nemtsov’s recent assassination far more rapidly than they did with other scandals such as MH17. Usually you get one new alternative theory every week or so. This time it’s a rapid fire assault on reality, where the possible culprits have thus far included the CIA(of course), Ukrainian intelligence(SBU), Praviy Sektor(of course), Chechen militants, personal enemies in the Russian opposition, and a jealous lover.

Yes, tell me about how this ISN'T an obvious provocation by the CIA, NSA, Mossad, MI6, SBU, Pravkiy Sektor, and the gays.

Yes, tell me about how this ISN’T an obvious provocation by the CIA, NSA, Mossad, MI6, SBU, Pravkiy Sektor, and the gays.

Now personally I like this list of suspects because no matter which one you go with, you always arrive at the same conclusion- Putin is incompetent.  See, he’s an ex-KGB officer, surrounded by other ex-KGB officers, and he maintains his power via intelligence organs such as the FSB and GRU. And yet despite this, assassins can shoot someone in public within sight of the Kremlin, just after nearly all the cameras in the area are shut down for “repairs,” as we were told. There is only one conclusion you can draw from this. Putin is incompetent. Check out this handy chart.

-The CIA did it!

-Putin is incompetent.

-The SBU/Praviy Sektor did it!

-That’s even worse. Putin is incompetent.

-A member of the opposition did it.

-Aren’t these guys supposed to be watched, so that they don’t start a Maidan and destroy Russia? How did one get a gun and manage to kill someone in sight of the Kremlin? Putin is incompetent.

-Chechen militants.

-He’s had 15 years to handle them with his buddy Kadyrov. Putin is incompetent.

-A jealous lover.

-Pissed off lover manages to get a black market gun, kill a politician within sight of the Kremlin, and get away with it? Putin is incompetent.

-Reptiloid shape-shifters did it.

-Okay, if they did do it, I’ll give Putin some slack here. We cannot know what sort of technology or tactics these extraterrestrials might have at their disposal.

This guy is supposed to be this great leader, the only leader Russians can have, because apparently their country can’t produce any other competent leaders in nearly 25 years, and yet according to his most fervent supporters:

-The CIA, SBU, Praviy Sektor, Caucasian militants, pro-American lackeys, etc. infiltrate almost all levels of the government and other state organs.

-The Central Bank is under the control of the United States.

-The constitution was allegedly written by the US. Note that Putin hasn’t proposed a new constitution or massive changes to the articles that some Kremlin supporters want removed.

-The above mentioned factions and intelligence agencies are able to commit murder with a firearm just a few hundred meters from the Kremlin. Why they didn’t just go after Putin or other pro-Kremlin VIPs is unknown, but surely if they can do this so brazenly in the center of Moscow, they could take out members of the government in their dachas, saunas, etc.

-Corruption is still a serious problem, acknowledged by the government.

-The government is constantly threatened with a coup d’etat, carried out by a segment of Russian society which is admitted to be marginal by both government supporters and opposition alike.

-In spite of having a massive internal security apparatus, Russia’s state requires thousands of old women and students to stop a potential revolution, at a price of 250-300 rubles per person, of course. Makes you wonder what would happen if a spontaneous Maidan broke out before they could bus in and pay all those people they would need to form an Anti-Maidan rally. In normal countries, they usually let their police and at worst, military apparatus deal with internal threats of a revolutionary nature.

All of these things point to one conclusion, namely, that Putin in fact isn’t a great leader. He is incompetent any way you slice it. If you actually believe any of the alternative theories of Nemtsov’s murder that the Kremlin and its hacks have been hawking, you are essentially admitting that Putin is incompetent.  Yet another Catch-22 of Putinism.


2 thoughts on “Many paths to the truth

  1. Asehpe

    Doublethink? I don’t know of any other way for so many Russians to hold contradictory beilefs in their minds… Putin is a great leader so surrounded by people who fool him (spies, 5-columners, people with hidden pro-Western/gay agendas) one wonders what the adjective ‘great’ means in this context… Could it be they want to see Putin as some sort of Jesus — always ready to believe the best of people? And all his ‘problems’ (up to Nemtsov’s assassination) are Putin’s calvary, proof of his martyrdom? Will his piety and devotion win him sainthood after (or worse, before) death?

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      I think it stems from the fact that everyone tacitly knows that you don’t challenge Putin. You’re allowed to rail at everyone up to Dmitry Medvedev, apparently, but Putin is the representative of the system whom you cannot challenge.


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