Legal Combat

Well as some of you already know, I lost my job a few days ago. Thanks to the advice of a most valued friend, challenged the legality of this dismissal. As it turns out, the company I was working for has indeed committed a number of serious violations of Russian law, and now it’s time to make them pay. Hopefully they will settle and that will be the end of it. Unfortunately, their incompetent employees seem to prefer hiding and hoping that I’ll just go away.

As such, I have changed the focus of my crowdfunding campaign. As I said before, your donations keep Russia Without BS alive. Now they will help vanquish a corrupt company and totally eliminate any need for donations in the future. All it will take is a few thousand dollars, far short of the original goal. Know that your donation will be kicking a shady company squarely in the nuts.

Let’s do this!


4 thoughts on “Legal Combat

  1. michael baker from nova scotia canada

    wow this is so cool – but i don’t have any significant money, so… i sadly can’t help you jim. but i hope others can… but probably they won’t ’cause they’re poor too. well good luck anyway… hey just get out of russia i guess. move somewhere in the states where the cost of living is cheap and live a simple, drab, grey life with your wife and forget about the world (like i do, just give up).

    1. Jim Ferby

      I suggest learning to like cheap alcohol. Soon you’ll be doing bum math where you calculate the most alcohol for the buck.

  2. jon

    Crowd funding can be tough. As soon as I actually get paid by a translation agency (the rouble crises has given them months worth of excuses) Ill chip in. Please do keep up the writing about Russia as much as time and energy allows!


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