Phoning it in

For those of you who don’t read Russian, I’m going to summarize this article from the Russian army’s official media outlet. Basically it’s claiming that America is threatened by a massive volcano in Yellowstone which could erupt in the next two weeks. These people aren’t even trying anymore.

While we’re on that topic, it’s always funny to me how these people never consider the negative effects their country would suffer in the event of America’s destruction. They talk about reducing America to radioactive ash while not considering how this would bring the destruction of Russia even without the inevitable US/NATO nuclear response.

Lately Russia’s politicians and pro-Kremlin hacks have been crowing non-stop about the supposed threat of NATO bases on Russia’s periphery. Let’s be honest, many of those bases or deployments have been on Russia’s periphery for quite some time. NATO has held military exercises near Russian territory and on some occasions with NATO forces. None of this stopped Russia from enjoying extremely fast growth during the middle of the last decade. Indeed, those NATO countries were investing far more into Russia’s economy than they were into bases building bases around her borders.

Foreign investment and interest in Russia had a major positive effect on the lives of millions of Russians, whereas NATO bases and military exercises had no effect whatsoever unless you count the psychological terror they generated through the lens of the Russian media. Of course this point will always go unnoticed. The only think NATO countries to in regards to Russia is try to chain up the poor, innocent bear. All the progress of the last decade? That was due to Putin’s wise leadership.


2 thoughts on “Phoning it in

  1. Shalcker

    That “erupt in two weeks” shtick have been going for years! There are multiple documentaries about it happening (in English too) and expected extent of damages.

    Just like “impending financial collapse” (any moment soon!)

    1. Jim Kovpak Post author

      If you want to know the best way to do apocalyptic predictions, check out the site of Left Behind author Tim LaHaye. He claims that the rapture is probably coming soon, but that God said it could be a certain amount of time plus “a day.” And according to him, a God day is 1,000 years. In other words- We’re probably living in the end times, the rapture is coming, and you’d really better get right with God right now, BUT, it could also be 1,000 years ago. So, you know, don’t get too upset if you’re on your death bed in terrible pain from a terminal disease, thinking about all the things you missed out on because of your slavish devotion to premillennial dispensationalist fundamentalist Christianity, and you start to think the rapture isn’t going to come and give you a death-free ticket into heaven.


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