Christmas is Cancelled

Well if it’s not one thing, it’s another. The Gofundme thing didn’t work out thanks to a residency requirement that curiously enough didn’t make itself known until some people actually donated money. I struck the campaign and ordered those donations to be returned. Even without the money I appreciate generosity and support of those who donated or attempted to donate. It’s good just to know you’re out there.

Eventually I will find a crowd funding platform that actually works and which doesn’t have some ridiculous red-tape to cut through, but to be honest I’m not in the mood for more registrations, confirmations, confirmations of confirmations, and everything else crowdfunding seems to entail. Fund raising is supposed to contribute to Russia Without BS, not the other way around.

In case anyone was wondering, it was only in the past couple weeks that I even considered crowdfunding. I have been trying to monetize the blog for quite some time, but that’s not going to happen until  this site gets a few thousand views every day. I’m going to give writing for another go, and pretty soon all have some time to record something for Youtube. I’m pointing all this out because I want to make it clear that donations remain a last resort for me.

I still have an open offer to anyone in film, gaming, or other media who requires consultation or information on Russia- culture, history, politics, etc. send me an e-mail at I can be a guest commentator on your program or if you have a larger project we can discuss terms.

Till I’m in the mood to deal with more nonsense from the internet I’m going back to our originally scheduled programming.

Wow. Much depressed.

Wow. Much depressed.


1 thought on “Christmas is Cancelled

  1. Pat

    I’m sorry to hear your funding raising crashed and burned. When you’re ready you might try this site. That would let you take donations through this site vs a separate platform. I already checked and to be “domiciled” in Europe is acceptable. Last time I checked Russia was still a part of Europe geographically, although I know they are working hard to change that.

    Full disclosure. I’ve never used the above service in anyway. I like a gaming site that used it for a similar expansion to the one you’re looking at and thought of you. ( if you’re interested)
    Good luck!


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