Can’t make this up

So this story caught my eye, and I go ahead and click the link.   It leads me to an idiotic blog called “Fort Russ.”  The site’s slogan is “Read what Russia Reads.” They aren’t kidding. Below is the headline of the story I found.

Ukrainian Students Gave Away “The Blood of Russian Babies” Juice for Free at a School Fundraiser

Do I even need to point out that there are no photos or sources to back this up? No? Good.

I’ll give them this much- that is what Russia reads. Tactically this is a huge mistake, however.  The only thing that keeps Russia from becoming a worldwide laughing stock is that for the most part, its propaganda wizards are at least smart enough to keep a certain measure of separation between the bullshit they export abroad, and the next-level, cutting edge water buffalo shit they dump on their own population.  Never the twain should meet.

UPDATE: I did some more checking and found that there was in fact a Ukrainian bake sale with such morbid names for some products. It was a dark humor attempt to poke fun at Russian propaganda, such as the infamous story about a Russian boy who was crucified by Ukrainian soldiers after retaking Slovyansk. Of course the Russian media acted predictably, presenting this as evidence of how bloodthirsty the Ukrainians are. 


11 thoughts on “Can’t make this up

    1. Big Bill Haywood Post author

      I did some checking and found that the names were an intentional joke, which the Russian TV channels presented as something serious. Still a lie. Nice try though.

      Now tell us how an American father really decorated his son’s walls with paintings of naked men. Or how a mysterious MIT graduate George Bilt somehow received satellite photos of a Ukrainian plane shooting down MH17. Or how Ukrainian forces in Slovyansk crucified a young boy.

      1. Putler

        Russian TV presented it as something serious because it was a very distasteful joke on Russia and its children, god forbid if a school in Iraq would do the same thing with “the blood of American babies”. Do you think it’s normal on a high school to have these names for candies? Do you think that would be accepted in a European country?

        My point is not to show that Russia is perfect, my point was to show you that your new blog is biased and with wrong facts, just like the same media that you criticize.

      2. Big Bill Haywood Post author

        As is typical, you have no concept of scale. Yes, I made an incorrect assumption which I corrected. This is very different from a state-run propaganda machine which continually puts out deliberately-concocted, fake stories that it doesn’t even attempt to defend. Let’s take a look at some of the top hits, shall we?

        -A Spanish air traffic controller who happens to be in Kyiv says something about Ukraine downing MH17 on his Twitter. Said controller is never found.

        -Mysterious “MIT graduate” George Bilt(whom nobody sees), provides “foreign satellite photos” showing a photoshopped Ukrainian fighter firing a missile at a photoshopped Boeing.

        -Woman claims that Ukrainian forces crucified a child in Slovyansk

        -Ukrainian forces drug a teenage boy and make him spy on militia forces in the Donbass(because that’s how drugs work).

        I’m sorry but there is no comparison. In no case has anyone from the Russian media answered for any of these deliberately concocted lies, or dozens of others.

        So no, I am not “just as biased” with “wrong facts.” Please show me where I have deliberately concocted a story to blame Russia for something it hasn’t done. In fact I’ve always been skeptical about stories coming out of Ukraine just because I realize they have some people on their side who would pull the same shit.

        To answer your questions about the actual high school bake sale- I would say that even as a joke, the names were somewhat distasteful. You know what’s also distasteful? Russians on posting photos of dead Ukrainian soldiers. To be fair, I’ve seen some Ukrainians pull the same thing from time to time, but most of the time it’s Russians.

        Moreover, I find your talk of what would be accepted in a European country to be rather hilarious. Russia seems to have a problem deciding whether or not it wants to be European or not. You have a famous celebrity that says gay people should be burned or otherwise killed- is THAT acceptable? Oh that’s okay because of your “spiritual values,” right?

        I might also add that in many European countries and the US, a lot of people would probably criticize such a joke during war time, but there’s this pesky little thing called “freedom of speech.”

    2. Big Bill Haywood Post author

      And yeah, it is unbiased:

      Maybe if your side didn’t flood the internet with the flimsiest lies more people might notice and criticize Ukraine’s attempts at propaganda from time to time.

      I think what you fail to understand is that unbiased doesn’t mean purposely balanced for the sake of balance. Again- which side routinely uses photoshop, altered video, makes bombastic, ridiculous claims, etc.? More often than not this is the Russian side, and nobody is punished for these actions.

      But by all means, show me the American equivalent in this conflict. Show me where the American media, on its own, photoshopped or otherwise altered still photos or videos to score propaganda points on Ukraine.

      1. Big Bill Haywood Post author

        And that’s an example, of what? Exactly? Are you saying that’s faked?

        Take a look at this quote:

        “The Ukrainian government provided these photographs last week to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in Vienna. Ukraine says the photographs document that the armed men who have taken over government buildings in eastern Ukraine are Russian combatants. The State Department, which has also alleged Russian interference, says that the Ukrainian evidence is convincing.”

        Note that it names the source(the Ukrainian government), and it uses terms like “alleged,” “Ukraine says,” etc. This language tells the reader where the information is coming from, letting them decide whether or not they want to trust those sources. That’s how actual news works.

        Or let’s look at another “biased, anti-Russian” writer, Julia Ioffe. Here she debunks the hoax about the DNR demanding Jews register with the authorities:

        Please, show me an example of Perviy Kanal or RT debunking one of their previous stories or apologizing?

        Looks like you’re failing harder than the ruble.

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