Even MORE tough questions

This morning I awoke to find that terrorists had staged an attack in central Grozny, the capital of the Chechen Republic. The rebels, associated with the so-called Caucasian Emirate, took over the press house, a multistory building.  From the beginning official statements changed rapidly. At first police forces supposedly suffered zero casualties including wounded. Later it was reported that several traffic police died. Hours ago it was said that there were six fighters. Now it has been reported that there were ten, all killed.

It’s unlikely we’ll have any idea as to what actually took place. There are some bizarre details about the attack, however. For one thing, videos of the attack show large caliber machine guns, possibly auto-cannons, firing into the building from what appears to be a considerable distance.  The video below best shows this distance.

This is quite an odd response to a handful of men bearing only small arms. Suppose security forces had been misinformed as to the location of the insurgents, causing them to fire 14.5mm or even 30mm rounds into civilian-occupied structures. This would have caused a massacre. But what is even stranger is the results of the attack, as seen below.


This is the building in which the 10 insurgents were allegedly holed up. It’s anyone’s guess as to who destroyed the UAZ in the left foreground. It’s obvious that a lot of ordnance was expended on the building, quite a lot for 6-10 insurgents without heavy weapons. Was there really no dead space from which security forces could infiltrate the building? Why were they firing with such heavy weapons from so great a distance?


It’s not clear where this photo was taken. Were there insurgents here? Who actually caused the damage?

It’s still early, but it seems as though either the security forces were utterly incompetent(par for the course in Russia), or there were more than ten insurgents and Kadyrov and Putin are trying to downplay how coordinated the attack was. Even if it was just ten guys, this could have been some kind of test to probe the security forces’ response.

Shit just got real, folks.


I was just given a link to this RT video, which shows security forces using RPGs on the building. We can also see BTR armored vehicles firing on the building with their 14.5mm KPV machine guns. It also appears that more than one building was occupied. How ten men managed to hold out in two buildings against such firepower is unknown.


2 thoughts on “Even MORE tough questions

  1. Dimitri

    It’s nice (and astonishing) to find a forum that takes an analytical approach to Russia and criticizes the stupidity and vapidity on both sides of this new Cold War in which we seem to find ourselves. Your post on Putin’s State of the Union was nice to read after sitting through the speech, which gave me a headache.


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