But all media lies, right?

I had another idea for an article lined up for today, but then I saw the following video. A little background information is in order. The embedded video you see here is from the state owned channel Rossiya 1. As is often the case with Russian news, it’s all about how gay Europe and the United States supposedly are.  This from a country where men like to get away from their wives to hang out in steam baths, but I digress. The video below has been censored. I wanted to at least include the link to the uncensored version so as to show exactly what the Russian Guardians of Morality are allowed to show on regular TV, in contrast to the United States, which went ape-shit over almost seeing all of Janet Jackson’s breast. Alas, that video was removed because even Youtube has higher standards than the Russian press. Lastly, be sure to watch the video to the end to see how full of shit the Russian media is.

Once again the Russian media is shocking Russia’s legions of old ladies with lurid tales of incredibly explicit sex education programs in Europe, claiming that some of these materials teach parents that their small children should be allowed to determine their biological sex. Yes, that’s basically what they said. Of course this quote is unsourced.

The piece de resistance is a home video from America, which is edited so as to make it seem like an 11-year old boy is thrilled to see that his dad had massive pictures of naked male cartoon characters painted on his wall. In actuality, the real image was a 3D picture of the monster truck Grave Digger.

As any American could tell you, had two parents so decorated a boy’s room with pornographic images and then video recorded his response, they most likely would have been arrested and charged with sex crimes. The kid would be taken away by CPS, and the dad would end up in prison where his child sex offender status would likely get him repeatedly abused if not murdered or driven to suicide. In other words, he would have got the Russian army/orphanage treatment.

For some unknown reason, the Russian state media isn’t running this shocking expose on its English-language channel RT. I wonder why that is.

6 thoughts on “But all media lies, right?

  1. Braindeadanon

    Fascinating. Where can I read more about the nature of the regime in Russia? Other than a few articles in Der Spiegel most of what I’ve seen on Putin’s regime is pretty facile.

    1. Big Bill Haywood Post author

      I’ll tell you who does believe that- Babushkas and other “patriotic” fanatics. I think some of the latter suspect it’s false, but they have probably rationalized lying because it’s for the country. Too bad they can’t make people think the ruble is worth more, huh?

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