Mirror Image

Unfortunately my access to timely news from America is limited. Can anyone tell me if Obama has been taking over various media organs to stop the foreign-backed Orange revolution breaking out in Ferguson?  That the only reason people protest, right? Because someone pays them? Maybe I’ve been in Russia too long.


4 thoughts on “Mirror Image

  1. Braindeadanon

    No, but there has been blame assigned to communists and “outside agitators”. I haven’t heard anything insinuation that Russia is behind it though, it maybe because as you say no one cares about Russia or Russian racism makes the charge seem incredulous.

    1. Big Bill Haywood Post author

      I think this is as good a place as any to make an important distinction. Lately I’ve seen pro-government Russians acting as if Ferguson is literally an American Maidan, as in the people there plan to overthrow the government. I guarantee you that many of these ignorant fucks are fervently hoping for that to happen. Of course we know that the protesters’ demands have nothing to do with that(unfortunate, indeed).

      My comparison to Maidan was based on the fact that this is a protest where the demonstrators(again, only facts without any moral judgement) have decided not to follow the demands of police. I am merely trying to point out how our American media acts like this is perfectly fine in some protests abroad, while our own citizens are expected to rigidly adhere to all laws and ordinances.

      1. Braindeadanon

        From what I’m hearing from the Russian press, I would agree, they don’t seem to understand the actual condition of “race relations” on the ground in the US. Forget about a politically sophisticated understanding of the conflict like Stalin’s ideas on oppressed and oppressor nations or Haywood’s black nation thesis. That’s quite an irony because it was in Russia that some of these ideas were born (although there is quite a difference between “Russia” and the SU).

        I saw your last post on ‘American Maidan’ and I agreed with every word of it. I think a notable irony is, the US government and Russians watching events from abroad, have more confidence in the capacity of revolutionary action of the oppressed than they often do themselves. Which is why Russians fantasize about black Americans overthrowing the US government, in spite of the fact that they haven’t been able to do so despite 200 years of trying. As well as federal, state, and local governments mobilizing forces all across the country for nationwide riots that never came, as they always do in times of “racial tension”.

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