The Efficacy of Russian Propaganda

Apparently Mark Adomanis thinks Russian propaganda isn’t very effective.  I must respectfully disagree. Watch the following video and tell me this isn’t convincing.

After watching that, do you not feel as though the truth is predetermined? Do you feel helpless? Do you wish your constitutional republic were replaced by the rule of one man and a group of his friends who never managed to mentally surpass the age of 14? I think problem is that Adomanis is not knowing that truth is under the protection, and that he just puppet. Are you knowing the truth? Is the propaganda don’t working? Become to knowing the truth, stop being only puppet! Watch RT now!

3 thoughts on “The Efficacy of Russian Propaganda

  1. jc

    I see no place for general, off-topic comments, so I will just write this here.

    Your blog is a breath of fresh air. I wish there were a lot more like it. It’s funny, witty, and sets exactly the right tone — informative without being biased either way, with no other agenda except the truth (as far as it can be figured out). Personally, I think Americans would love it if more of them knew about it, so I intend to tell a few. Don’t worry, I’ll try to avoid the extremist political nuts and flamers of all flavors.

    IMO, this represents the real Russia that is so well-hidden behind the tsunami of bullshit from every direction. A rare little gem. Glad I found it. Don’t stop now!

    As for the blog post itself, it makes some good points, and I mostly agree with it. Don’t forget that we are also inundated by a certain amount of propaganda daily, mostly from Rupert Murdock’s “news” sources like Fox (the worst), and WSJ (for more intelligent zombies). I don’t think the propaganda situation here is anywhere near as bad as in Russia these days, though. RT is so unreal that many of us take it as unintended humor. The same for RIA Nov[something]. And you’re right. Most Americans are ignorant about the rest of the world because they just don’t care about it, and because they aren’t anywhere near it.

    Anyway, I really just wanted to say that I get a kick out of your blog and I hope it doesn’t go away. Cheers!

    1. Big Bill Haywood Post author

      Thanks for your kind praise. I think RT and other outlets learned a thing or two from viral memes and their more primitive cousin, the chain e-mail. The biggest sham about RT is that they’re presenting an “alternative” viewpoint. It’s really more of a machine gun spitting out endless, often contradictory narratives, so as to create this post-modernist idea that “we can’t really know anything.” This is an idea that is already widespread in Russia and with the help of social media it’s spreading all over. If you can’t truly know anything, you can’t say what’s right or wrong and you can’t oppose oppressive systems of any sort.

      1. jc

        “We can’t really know anything” is the absolute skepticism of Pyrrho. This particular flavor of epistemology falls apart with a paradox: If we can’t really know anything, then we can’t really know that “we can’t really know anything”. And so it leads nowhere.

        Putin can blow smoke all he likes, but people will still seek reality. It’s their nature. Fighting reality is a difficult and futile exercise, and always fails in the long run. In the meantime, it’s fairly comical to watch, except for the heartbreaks it causes.

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