Drinking game

Here’s a fun drinking game. Read this article about the parliamentary elections in Ukraine and take a drink every time you see the word “Europe” or “European.”  Depending on what you’re drinking, you may end the article with a decent buzz.

Some other highlights include one person repeating the claim that Ukraine has broken with her Soviet past, a favorite meme of Maidan supporters and their well-wishers. Of course they haven’t broken with backward, early 20th century nationalism which is far more regressive than the USSR’s ideology, but that’s okay because the most important thing in this crisis-ridden economy is blaming other people for your problems and staying as far away from socialism as you can. Hence the rise of right-wing politics all over Europe and Russia.  Every time nationalists have had any significant influence on Ukraine, the results have been awful. The last time costs Ukraine valuable territory, but some people simply do not learn.

If this sounds like I’m putting all the blame on Ukraine, ask yourself as to why right-wing nationalism is tolerated in Ukraine, while the media condemns it in Russia. After all, Russians also seem to be breaking with their socialist past and embracing a neo-imperialist ideology.  Had Maidan not tolerated right-wing nationalists and instead aimed to unite all people of the country, Russia wouldn’t have found a willing fifth column to support its irredentist schemes. Now Ukraine is likely to be a more or less divided country for generations to come. The idea that a European Union association agreement will do anything to reverse that process at this point is simply laughable.

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