Foot in mouth

So I was browsing this VK group and found this video. Some Ukrainian or pro-Ukrainian Russian posted a video comparing Ukrainian fascists at a march in Kharkiv to Russian fascists at the annual 4 November “Russian March” and some other cossack march.

For me this video is useful because it shows that yes, the new Ukrainian regime does in fact support and arm radical nationalists, but at the same time it shows how the Kremlin approves of open fascist organizations as well. In other words, if you’re taking one side or the other thinking that your chosen camp is “anti-fascist,” you have no clue what you’re talking about.

Of course if you understand Russian you will quickly realize that this wasn’t the point the author of the video was trying to make. He was trying to suggest that these Ukrainian “patriots” are disciplined and orderly, whereas Russian fascist throw up Roman salutes and basically act like a bunch of monkeys. The truth is that both sides have their uniformed, orderly, government-approved marches, and both sides consist of monkeys who think they are special because they were born into a certain family. Nationalism is taking credit for things you did not do, hating people you haven’t met for no good reason, and wanting privileges just because you were born into this or that socially constructed national group.

In any case, even though the author had another purpose in making this video, it sure was useful to me. It shows how Euromaidan supporters engage in apologetics for right-wing extremists, it shows that in spite of the Svoboda party not winning big in the Ukrainian elections, the new government does much to coddle and support nationalists, and it shows the ridiculous whataboutist arguments Maidan supporters resort to when someone brings up the topic of fascism.  It is very important for Westerners and people from other successful countries such as Zimbabwe to let both Russians and Ukrainians know that we aren’t going to buy their excuses for their government supported fascist movements. If Ukraine wants to claim enlightened “European” values, let them demonstrate it.  If Russia wants to condemn Ukraine for tolerating fascists, maybe the government should stop promoting its own brand of fascism.

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