The wrong niche?

Thanks to someone posting this take-down of some whiny men’s rights advocate(MRA) on Reddit, the views for this blog reached over 600 in one day. That’s more than the other time someone cross-posted an entry on this blog to Reddit, and that got far more views than the time I was published in The Moscow Times. Now I’m beginning to wonder if I’m writing about the wrong topic.

I’ve often marveled at how little Westerners or English-speakers seem to care about Russia in spite of the near-constant flow of headlines and top stories involving the country in the news. Not even ridiculous, sensationalist headlines about World War III are enough to spur people into flooding my inbox with messages looking for behind the lines information.  Russians hate hearing this, but nobody cares.

In light of the recent traffic spike, I’m seriously wondering if I should change the focus of this blog to self-entitled American neckbeards. If by writing about them I may secure a consistent flow of high traffic, I could finally collect some ad revenue from this blog. Those neckbeards would be my gold mine. A greasy, Dorito-crumb-filled gold mine!



2 thoughts on “The wrong niche?

  1. gunlord500

    Awww, haha, that was me! I’m sorry if the traffic spike weirded you out or something. A friend of mine commented on my reblog of your piece on the keffiyeh, and since she and I are also interested in refutations of red-pill/”manosphere” BS, I thought she’d get a kick out of “and now for something completely different,” along with some of our other friends who hang out at a subreddit dedicated to refuting/mocking that sort of silliness.


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