You’ll never believe what this foreign ministry does next…

Actually you’ll totally believe it, but let me set the scene for you.

We have two countries, one ethnicity. For years since the fall of the Soviet Union, people in both countries have spoken about unification. Now there’s talk of having a referendum to decide the matter. Obviously Russia, having annexed Crimea using the same arguments, must be supportive of this move, right?

Wrong. The unification being discussed involves Romania and Moldova, and of course Russia is pissed.  Totally lacking any sense of irony, the Russian foreign ministry had this to say:

“We consider it irresponsible and inadmissible to multiply such statements when an election campaign is under way in Moldova. We expect the Chisinau authorities to give an adequate appraisal of these words. We also hold that a reaction must follow from Brussels and other European capitals,”

Who would have guessed that the country which pilloried the US over its blatant hypocrisy for years would so rapidly turn into the US? Well the US without the infrastructure, the powerful economy, the Constitutional rights…basically they’ve just assimilated America’s exceptionalist foreign policy AKA “the really shitty thing about America.”

Equally hilarious was the foreign ministry’s assertion that “the agreement violated the basic rights of residents of the Russian-speaking breakaway Republic of Transdniester.” That’s odd indeed because Transdniester claims to be a separate country, which would imply that whatever happens to Moldova is inconsequential to their “country.” Moldova joins Romania, Transdniester remains with the Russians Transdniestrians.  No possible way could Transdniester have been an attempt to create a frozen conflict and an excuse to station Russian troops outside of Russia. Can somebody please decide if Transdniester is a separate country or a persecuted part of Moldova? Ditto for the two-building republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Just a little reminder- You can be jailed in Russia for publishing anything which demands the same federalization rights as those originally demanded by the Donetsk rebels, and someone has already been prosecuted for just that. Seriously folks, you couldn’t make this shit up.


5 thoughts on “You’ll never believe what this foreign ministry does next…

  1. Jim Ferby

    You are mistaken, this isn’t hypocrisy. Russia obviously supported Crimean independence from Ukraine, as well as currently (at least rhetorically) supports the independence of Lugansk and Donetsk from Ukraine. Russia also supported the recent movement for Scottish independence from the United Kingdom. The matter of Romanian unification is entirely different. Moldova (or Romania for that matter) isn’t separating from another larger country, but rather the two states are wishing to unite thus making a consolidation of power. Russia would like to see power structures outside its borders broken up into as many pieces as possibly, particularly in Europe. This is simply a matter of safety. Romania alone is not a threat but if you were to combine it with the military might Moldova, Russia is at risk of invasion.

    Yes, you could argue that Crimea doesn’t fit into this picture because it didn’t just break away from Ukraine but also joined Russia. Well, Crimea had been semi-independent already since the 1990s, so this latest referendum is just a uh…. well…. history. We don’t even need to talk about it because Crimea is Russia and always has been Russia. Even before Russia as a state, language, culture, or any other definition you wish to use even existed, Crimea has been part of Russia.

  2. Bandersnatch

    Actually…it is hypocrisy. It is the very definition because if you support self-determination on principle then you do so with or without the distinction of big breaking into small or small fusing into big. Two countries wishing to become one or one country wishing to secede from another is in fact the same act as far as ‘self-determination’ and its supporters are concerned. So really, Ferby, you just proved the point.

    Further, Crimea has not always been Russia. Whatever that means in the first place. But under that argument we can argue that Texas has always been Mexico and I am not so sure many people would agree to that. Would you?

    Last nail in the coffin, can you imagine what Russia would do if China, protecting its majority of Chinese speakers in a Siberian border town, annexed a part of Russian territory through a ‘referendum’? And imagine they even had a historical claim to the area? Really? Do you think Russia would even remotely humor that? Oh…wait…no………

  3. Big Bill Haywood Post author

    We are Russia veterans, man. We can predict what they will say before they say it. In fact the shorter version is always: “It’s okay in this case because it’s Russia doing it.”


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